Web Based Manufacturing Machines

Optimation adds Kingsbury to its family of companies providing complete engineering, machining and final machine assembly capabilities for assembly, machining, and web based manufacturing. 

Working with Optimation enables Kingsbury to manufacture machines for the web-based manufacturing market. Optimation and Kingsbury are now able to provide extrusion, conveyance, coating and converting machines for use in manufacturing web-based products. Substrates of many types, including paper, plastics, metal foils and glass can be conveyed, coated and converted to finished products. While the design and use is different than traditional Kingsbury machines, the quality, durability and high level of craftsmanship remains the same as that found in every Kingsbury product made over the past century. 

Optimation maintains a media conveyance facility (MCF), where experimentation and proof-of-concept of Kingsbury designs can be verified prior to production. Kingsbury's engineering and fabrication capability continues to keep pace with the changing of today's manufacturers. Using American creativity, technology and know-how, Kingsbury continues as a world leader of agile manufacturing systems. The legacy line of Kingsbury lives on. The new line of web-based technology is beginning to grow, including a specialization on touch screen sensors using Kodak silver halide technology. 

Don't Worry, It's a Kingsbury

Systems Offerings:

  • Assembly & Test Systems 
  • Custom Rotary Dial, Inline Transfer, SPM's 
  • Flexible Machining Centers 
  • Web Based (roll to roll) Machines