Optimation Milestones and Growth

1985: Optimation Technology, Inc. founded. Projects typically included process or controls design and engineering.

1992: Expanded to 20 employees and moved from rented space on Scottsville Road in Rochester, NY to own building in Rush, NY, south of Rochester.

1996: ISO-9001 registration.  Optimation carried out its first acquisition by buying a small integration firm in Buffalo, PC Logic, Inc.

1997: Growth continued and building was expanded from 12,000 to 25,000 square feet. During this same period the company opened offices in Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, Watertown and Albany, NY as well as in Charlotte, NC. Services continued to be process engineering and design as well as automation and control systems. When fabrication or construction was involved these services were subcontracted.

2000: Optimation developed a strategic plan for growth.  Offices in Charlotte, Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo and Watertown were closed. The strategic plan called for a national footprint rather than a regional one.

2001: Founding member and registered Control Systems Integrator Association (CSIA) Best Practices

2002: Glass Industry Services: Acquisition of Klug Systems in Rochester, NY, leading our team with glass batch house expertise. 

2003: Test Systems Services: Omnia Technology, LLC joins Optimation to form our Houston, TX office, leading our team's expertise in the Oil & Gas Industry and in Medical Device Applications.

2004: Pharmaceutical Industry Services: Dumont Associates, LLC joins Optimation in Nashua, NH to form our Boston office adding systems integration experience and skill diversity to our team. 

2006: Skilled Trades Services: The addition of Optimation Industrial Services, LLC (OIS), formed from former maintenance groups of Eastman Kodak, launched Optimation into industrial fabrication, assembly, construction and maintenance. 

2007: Industrial Applications, Concept to Completion: Leveraging world-class skilled trades services, new opportunities for cross selling were created that allowed for expansion. Increased shop and fabrication space to meet the increasing demands for these new services.   Combined acquisitions since 2002, along with the organic growth fostered, allowed Optimation to meet the objectives of its strategic plan and grow at an average annual rate of over 40%, to a firm of over $35M in sales.

2008: Prototyping and Proof-of-Concept: Optimation added world-class roll-to-roll experimentation and proof-of-concept capabilities by leasing Kodak’s Web Lab facility, equipment and intellectual property. Located in Rochester, NY, the “Media Conveyance Facility” or MCF also provides web process training seminars in conjunctions with TJ Walker and Associates.

2009: Validation and MES Services: Total Systems Design, Inc. joins Optimation in Exton, PA was  to form our Philadelphia office, adding further systems integration experience to our team with control and information systems services from concept through start-up, with extensive experience serving automation, MES and validation needs, including in the pharmaceutical industry.

2010: Lexington Avenue Shops: Consolidation of the Rochester city engineering and skilled trades locations was completed in March, 2010. The Ridge offices and the LaGrange Ave. shop functions were relocated to the Lexington Ave. location. Optimation celebrated its 25th Anniversary and the opening of the consolidated shop facilities with an open house - over 500 attendees with a great blend of clients, suppliers, employees, family and friends.

2010: Systems Integration and Test Systems Services: Optimation opened our Denver, CO office, focusing on renewable energy systems as well as medical device applications. This office was staffed by experienced engineers out of the Houston office, leveraging the National Instruments platform.

2010: Medical Device Test Systems: Optimation opened our Minneapolis, MN office, focusing on the special requirements of medical device systems. This office was staffed by an experienced engineer out of the Houston office, leveraging the National Instruments platform, continuing to provide medical device test system services to existing clients. 

2010: High Pressure Test Systems: Optimation opened our Dallas, TX office to better serve the growing oil and gas industry high pressure test systems market.  This office was staffed by a experienced engineers out of the Houston office, leveraging the National Instruments platform and works closely with mechanical engineers, designers and skilled tradesmen in the Rochester, NY offices.

2011: Optimation Place: Optimation completed the final consolidation of Rochester-based locations into the Lexington facility, by moving the management offices to a new part of the building, enhancing opportunities for working together while reserving adjacent space for future growth.  The Media Conveyance Facility (MCF) also relocated to Optimation Place.  

2012: Machine and Assembly Systems: Kingsbury Corporation, a sister company to Optimation, was purchased and relocated to the Lexington complex, occupying an additional 180,000 square feet adjacent to Optimation. This allowed Optimation to have a full complement of machining services along with its other offerings and the capability to self perform in the design and fabrication of complete roll to roll manufacturing machines. 

2012: Southeast NY Clients: A new office was also opened in Corning, NY to better serve key clients in the Southern Tier. 

2012: ORG: Owner’s Resource Group (ORG) purchased a majority share in Optimation, opening opportunities for growth and to develop strategically. ORG will have the management team continue to lead the firm, maintaining its agile, customer-focused spirit, and will work as a team on high level company initiatives.

2013: Continuous Improvement: Office updates were a focus, with a new location leased for the expanding Minneapolis office, as well as in Dallas and Denver. Capability of the OIS Lexington location was expanded with a new suite of client office space and adjacent men’s and ladies’ facilities.  Dumont Associates, Omnia Technology and TSD an Optimation Company are now all dissolved and a part of Optimation Technology, Inc.