Optimation Companies

The Optimation business strategy is to leverage a common technology, industry experience, quality management systems and geography in ways that unify our combined work force for our clients' benefit. This approach has strategically expanded our team's industry, discipline and application expertise. The combined set of Optimation companies are solution leaders with proven industry experience, providing complementary skills, working together to form a strong organization to effectively address the challenges our clients are facing today.

Optimation Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1985, Optimation Technology, Inc. is the parent company of Optimation, originally serving engineering and system integration needs primarily for process and manufacturing clients. Design disciplines include process and mechanical engineering, electrical and instrumentation engineering, factory floor software, systems integration, and information technology services. Several company acquisitions have helped to make up our current workforce in a variety of regions.

Klug Systems by Optimation is the division of Optimation focused on the glass industry. Klug Systems continues to serve its customers as material handling and batch house experts, as well as providing replacement parts and systems for hundreds of operational facilities.

Our Houston, Texas office, originally Omnia Technology, is focused on providing control, test, and information technology services to a diverse set of industries including petroleum, aerospace, biomedical, consumer electronics, energy and telecommunications. The division provides turnkey automated systems, as well as custom PC-based and real-time embedded solutions incorporating high-speed data acquisition and analysis, motion control, machine vision and database solutions. The Houston office also is a Certified Training Center for National Instruments products.

Our Nashua, New Hampshire office, originally Dumont Associates, services Boston and the New England area, and has a long legacy of providing plant wide computer integration and process data systems, focused in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food and beverage industries. Additionally the team has expertise in the implementation of validated systems to meet FDA requirements and follows GAMP3 methodologies

Our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office, originally Total Systems Design and also TSD an Optimation Company, provides control and information systems from concept through start-up, with extensive experience serving automation, MES and validation needs. One strong focus is to serve customers in the pharmaceutical industry.  

Optimation Industrial Services, LLC

In 2006 Optimation acquired three business units from Eastman Kodak Company, adding to our engineering and design staff as well as rounding out complete design/build services, with a large, local fabrication, assembly and test shop area and a full team of experienced journeymen to support installation, construction and maintenance requirements for manufacturing and industrial clients.

Optimation Canada, ULC

In 2007, Optimation opened a Canadian company to better serve the needs of our neighbors to the north with the full set of skills and services from all the Optimation Companies.