Quality Services

"Employees of Optimation are committed to building lasting client relationships by striving to provide consistently superior project services"

- Optimation's Quality Policy

Superior services can only be achieved in an environment that strives for the highest possible quality.  The employees of Optimation consider achieving the highest possible quality as strategic to the success and growth of our company. From a project's concept to a project's completion, our quality processes are embedded throughout a project's life cycle and the services we provide to our clients. 

We assure quality is embedded in our culture through our:

Management Commitment

Commitment to a quality management system is more accurately a commitment to our employees and customers. From an employee perspective, this commitment is evident by the resources and benefits we provide to improve quality of life, improve working conditions, and promote professional growth. From a customer perspective, this commitment is shown in the quality of the people we can provide, the quality of the deliverables, and the strength of the relationships we foster.

ISO 9001:2015 Registration

Governing corporate processes is a Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001 since 1994. The pursuit of a repeatable and sustainable approach to business makes Optimation unique as one of only a few firms that are recognized by both ISO 9001 and CSIA quality systems. One aspect of the acquisition element of our growth strategy is quality system planning. As a new company joins the Optimation family, our Quality Manager works with the new staff to plan an appropriate schedule for bringing any new processes into the Optimation Quality System, and training on existing quality system processes that apply.

CSIA Best Practices: Control Systems Integrators Association Certification

As a founding member of CSIA, Optimation is committed to improving the business practices of Controls and Information System Integrators. Effectively coupling the advantages of an ISO 9001 Quality System, to the best practices of CSIA, with emphasis on process documentation, the organization has defined quality processes for each function of its operation. 

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