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Profile: Bill Pollock in the Rochester Business Journal

Created 4 years 328 days ago
by Jennifer Palumbo

Jennifer Palumbo is Public Relations Manager at Optimation.  Her primary responsibilities include corporate communications, media relations, website content development and maintenance, marketing collateral, writing articles and project profiles, and sales support.

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The plan becomes clearer to William Pollock every day.

Whether it was when his family was forced to evacuate Ethiopia because of a civil war or the difficult start of his company, Optimation Technology Inc., Pollock knows his experiences are part of a plan that is greater than he.

While growing up in Africa, he developed a strong faith and came to realize that no matter what the circumstances, there was always a divine plan for going forward, one better than any plan he could come up with on his own.

His belief system has helped him to see the world in simple terms—an asset in an ever-changing business world.


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