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Hyperdrive Fabrication and Assembly

A behind the scenes look at the skilled trades services Optimation provided to fabricate and assemble an obstacle course for a new Netflix show.


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Innovation. Commitment. Strong relationships. Optimation has delivered quality work fueled by ethical business practices for more than 30 years. Valuing customers and employees equally, the environment of Optimation speaks to the way business is done.

Bill Pollock, President & CEO: 2015 Visionary Leadership Finalist, Digital Rochester

Bill was recognized, with two other local leaders, as an individual who takes it upon themselves to instill their vision, providing the inspiration and motivation that compels an organization to take dramatic steps in applying innovative technology in any given field that resulted in increased productivity, efficiency or business success. 


Optimation Ethics "Ethie" Award Finalist 

Optimation was a 2013 finalist for the Ethie Award. What does this mean? Its simple, we have set ourselves apart from our competition by educating, promoting, celebrating and supporting ethical business cultures, and upholding ethical standards in the Rochester business community. Want to know more about the Ethie Award? Checkout http://www.rochesterbusinessethics.com/

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