CALDAC System Upgrade

Industry: Automotive & Aerospace


Thermo King was upgrading to Window 7 PCs for infrastructure compliance. This required a newer LabVIEW version and hardware drivers in order to run their calorimeter stations. The client was also looking for a number of new features to add to the existing software to make monitoring and system control easier.


In order to be Windows 7 compatible, Optimation needed to make hardware upgrades. These included changing the fiber optic communication cards between the PC and PXI systems, and replacing an obsolete data acquisition card in the PXI system.
Upgrading the 10-year-old LabVIEW software required going through over 1500 files and replacing deprecated functions, updating UIs, and a major rework of the data acquisition code to use DAQmx drivers and functions. Incorporating all the new functionality involved learning the architecture and methodology used by the previous vendor, and then determining how best to merge in the upgrades. Some of the new features included: additional monitoring channels, spare PID loops, modifying PID parameters on the fly, changes to the refrigeration control sequence, new steady state requirements, and a safety shutdown sequence.


Thermo King can now run its calorimeter systems on Windows 7 machines. Besides compliance with the IT infrastructure, this has also given Thermo King a large boost in processor power. The data analysis involved in testing completes 10 times faster than before. Overall, the installation of this upgrade ran quickly and smoothly. Thermo King received everything it was looking for, without needing the National Instruments expertise in house.
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