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Industry: Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences


Optimation was contacted by a systems integrator to provide DeltaV programming services for a client in the pharmaceutical industry. The client had a new process involved the manufacture of veterinary medicine. Optimation's experience with continuous and batch control, S88, Title 21 CFR Part 11, and the DeltaV control system made for a good fit as a solution provider for the project.


Three Optimation software engineers were assigned to provide DeltaV programming for this new pharmaceutical process. The required programming needed to comply with stringent customer standards. The programming included continuous control, alarming, interlocks, batch control with recipe generation, and graphics. This was the first DeltaV system to be installed at this particular plant site.

In addition to providing programming for direct DeltaV control of some of the equipment, Optimation also provided the programming associated with the integrating the DeltaV system with a variety of different equipment skids, each containing vendor package controls. The physical interface to these package units was done via a combination of a DeltaV Virtual Interface Module (VIM card) over Ethernet along with DeltaV serial cards. These package controls were mostly PLCs but also included some custom controls (VAX based). The package equipment included one bioreactor, two fermenters, three utilities TCUs (temperature control units), one WFI (water for injection) system, seven autoclaves, one centrifuge, one waste neutralization system, and one CIP system.

Optimation provided assistance to the client with skid PLC programming along with some engineering assistance associated with I/O wiring.

FAT and SAT reviews were conducted as part of the project process. Additionally, Optimation created a Detailed Design Specification with flow charts to document the details of the programming.


Since installation, the entire system is up and running and the DeltaV controls have been successfully integrated with the vendor package controls on the skid equipment.
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