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A large grocery chain has a number of shift mechanics around the clock that support its Bakery, Fresh Foods and Frozen Foods equipment. These mechanics are responsible for maintaining the machines and handling not only mechanical issues but electrical as well. The client realized that many of the shift mechanics needed improvement in their electrical skillset. In order to help their employees to be productive and safe, the client decided to offer electrical training to its mechanics.


To best fit the customer's 24 hour schedule, Optimation and the client planned for three four-hour classes, with approximately 15 employees in each class, scheduled each day for a week. Optimation's electrical instructors designed a course outline for each course that would pair classroom lecture with hands-on lab time. Each outline was reviewed by the electrical engineering manager and maintenance supervisors. To enhance the lab experience, Optimation fabricated four electrical test boards to simulate real-life control panels for students to practice on during the lab portion of each course. The test boards included fuses, relays, motor starters, limit switches and indicator lights. In the lab portion of each class, instructors created ladder logic schematic control wiring schemes, and then had the students wire them in to make them active. They then purposely introduced faults, to demonstrate troubleshooting techniques. A number of different scenarios were presented to the students using the test boards and electrical measuring devices, all stressing safe best practices.


The shift mechanics now have a better understanding of how to properly and safely perform the electrical duties of their work. If a mechanic doesn't totally understand how to approach as issue, he now has the knowledge of what to ask for. The client determined that the training project was a success and is currently working with Optimation to set up a course for PLC Training.
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