Industrial Applications ... Concept to Completion

Optimation has an outstanding team of employees.  Engineers have applied experience as plant managers, project managers, and multi-disciplined engineering functions, and our designers and skilled trades people specialize in manufacturing processes, machine design, and industrial applications. Through authorized relationships, training, and applied use of the latest hardware and software, the company continuously updates its knowledge and experience base. 

Service Groups:

Optimation is organized into four groups staffed by individual specialists: Each group's disciplines have a set of specific application expertise that they can deliver. 

Mechanical and Process Group Services   Mechanical & Process

  Automation & Integration

  Fabrication & Assembly

  Construction & Maintenance

Skilled Trades Services:

Use our team of Journeymen and Apprentices to tackle whatever problems your plant is experiencing.

 Skilled Trades Services


Project Management Services:

Project management is a part of all Optimation projects, no matter what the service group

 Project Management


Media Conveyance Facility (MCF) Services:

Prototyping and testing facilities for roll-to-roll and web conveyance



Training Services:

Formal training services, including certified National Instruments courses

 MCF Training Services

Industries Served:

 Example Industry Experience

Tell us the best way we can serve you

From concept to completion, Optimation can deliver a full solution for industrial or manufacturing needs. If you require a specific engineer, designer, technologist or skilled tradesman, we can supply these needs on an hourly basis. Alternatively, if there are requirements for project-based deliverables, we have the project and construction managers that know how to get the job done.