Motion Control and Coordinated Drives

Optimation's engineers have extensive expertise in the engineering and design of motion control and coordinated drives. The staff is experienced in the design of servos, steppers, variable speed drives and other motor control applications that have been integrated into coordinated motion, web, assembly and general motion systems.

Our mechanical team provides design support to improve machine performance.   Of particular note is the integration of drives technology with our media conveyance facility working together with mechanical engineers and research scientists in providing state of the art web handling systems. 

Motion Control and Coordinated Drives Capabilities

  • Fractional horsepower to high horsepower requirements
  • Registration
  • Tension control
  • Flying splices, unwinders and winders
  • Drive performance testing and analysis
  • Machine direction and cross machine controls
  • Vibration, stress and thermal profile feedback systems
  • Roll winding torque profiles
  • Web steering

Example Motion Controls and Coordinated Drive Projects:

  • Designed and implemented a system for batch material handling, blending, and transfer of powdered materials. The system comprised twelve major pieces of equipment and numerous ancillary components. Project tasks included completion of P&ID drawings, layout of all required equipment, design of electrical power distribution, specification of motor drives for variable speed electrical motors, and design and programming of a DELTA V process control system to operate and control all equipment in the system. Disciplines applied were Process, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Software Engineering; and Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrument Design.
  • Designed and implemented an entire extrusion line for a sausage casing factory, which comprised twenty chemical treating tanks, explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant exhaust systems, extruders, dryers, and over one hundred coordinated web drives. Project tasks included design of the web handling system; design of chemical equipment for acid processing of casing materials; and design of a PC-based control system with operator interface screens. Disciplines applied were Mechanical Design; and Chemical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Software Engineering.
  • Reconfigure a large DC bus and drive system for a paper plant in Syracuse NY. This plant required new drives to meet higher operating speeds for a paper line upgrade.

We have a full Media Conveyance Facility offering training and consulting services.