Test Systems for Energy and Renewables

Work with one vendor you can trust to manage your project scope and execute your test system project reliably. Whether you’re a contractor looking for a partner for test system controls, or a lab manager looking for a turnkey test system solution, Optimation has a proven track record of success in each stage of the test system project life cycle. We help you get your product to market quicker, and in the most cost-efficient way possible. 

We have experience with a number of renewable energy industries, including:

  • Wind Power 
  • Solar Power
  • Battery and Energy Storage
  • Alternative Fuels

Re-purposing and refactoring hardware

Your static test system can be re-purposed to be a dynamic test system. By re-purposing existing hardware to allow for multiple experiments or uses, you can revitalize expensive hardware to be more flexible for more groups in your company. Optimation has experience in refactoring underutilized hardware into a lab sized control system, allowing multiple and different divisions to run their custom experiments. 

Turnkey Test Systems

Optimation specializes in custom and semi-custom test systems for a variety of industries. Examples include:

  • Wind Power Condition Monitoring
  • Fuel Cell Testing
  • Battery Storage Testing
  • Energy Storage Testing
  • Turbine Testing
  • Steam co-generation

Looking for oil and gas test systems? Learn more here.

High Speed and High Frequency

Optimation is partnered with National Instruments, providing off-the-shelf hardware solutions for real-time monitoring and FPGA. These solutions provide a high speed, data acquisition and high frequency channel sampling and high speed analysis that isn’t available through other hardware vendors. 

We enter in at any time during the project life cycle.

We can start out with your existing specifications or work with you from the beginning, on requirements gathering, specifications, documentation, design and build. We can simply provide controls and software engineering support, or integrate your test system with your other systems and databases. For more regulated industries, we can help with validation and verification of testing. 

Cost-efficient, flexible, experienced

Work with us at any point during your test system project life cycle. We partner with multiple hardware vendors, ensuring the best choice to meet for your test system requirements. Our national presence allows us to locally deliver turnkey test systems and test systems support for various locations across the United States. We’re a proven supplier to government research facilities, Fortune 500 companies, startups, and subcontractors alike.