Software Engineering

Optimation provides software engineering services for the specific needs of our customer in process and manufacturing industries. Our software engineers are experienced in providing requirements definition, functional specification development, system prototyping, implementation, testing, documentation and training.

Programming Languages

Our engineers continually learn and use the latest programming languages to achieve the proper system functionality and performance. Our team has vast experience with Visual Basic. We have applied experience in legacy languages such as Assembly and Fortran. Device drivers and integration interfaces have been written using C and C++. Web-based applications developed using ASP.NET.

Database Development

Integration and database development is necessary in today’s connected plant environment. Our engineers understand how to use the latest tools to keep your data archived safely, your recipes accessible and secure and your plant systems talking to your enterprise systems.


Optimation’s software and controls engineers are often utilized to provide recommendations for plant floor and enterprise networks. Example experience includes Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, and DataHighway.

National Instruments Software Development

We have implemented numerous National Instruments applications for a variety of customers, allowing us the opportunity to develop a reusable approach to many application requirements that do not involve intellectual property. Our National Instruments software development in environments such as LabView and LabWindows CVI boasts an intuitive and consistent user interface that operators are quickly and thoroughly trained on. The consistency of the look and feel of the interface allows operators to switch from one system to another. Our software is object oriented, allowing for easy expandability as testing needs grow. Key parameters reside in a database, which makes system maintenance easy for onsite personnel.

Example Software Engineering Applications:

  • Custom manufacturing execution system using Visual Basic 6.0 for communications and user interface
  • Product test data collection system using Visual Basic 6.0 for user interfaces and Visual C++ for background processes such as data acquisition, data manipulation and VXI communication
  • Laboratory test system for implantable medical devices using National Instruments LabView
  • Transition of a large web-based data collection system to a new server and from an Informix database to MS-SQL Server
  • Custom Visual Basic .NET OCR inspection application for medical devices