Steam and Air Trap Maintenance

Cheap Energy Is Gone – Energy Conservation is In - Stop losing your bottom line to utility bills by maintaining steam and air traps

The days of cheap energy are over, and there is strong likelihood that fuel costs will continue to escalate. It is critical that a steam system be regularly monitored for loss and, if necessary, redesigned or replaced – not only for the sake of producing quality products efficiently and cost effectively, but for survival in today’s highly competitive environment.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, approximately 20% of steam leaving a central boiler plant is lost via leaking traps, making regular maintenance of steam/air traps essential to keeping your heating system cost-efficient. Regular maintenance, monitoring and evaluation can reduce your steam losses to less than 1%, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates.

Is Your Steam System Having These Types of Problems?

  • Valves may be unable to shut as a result of wet steam
  • High back pressure in condensate lines
  • Low steam temperatures
  • Low percentage of condensate return
  • Condensate lines that are blowing, leaking or dirt plugged

Optimation’s Team:

Optimation has a team of specialists prepared for system analysis including full-service repair and/or maintenance of your steam and air traps, regardless of your boiler system’s pressure or manufacturer. The team can diagnose trap failures by leveraging ultrasonic and pyrometer test equipment to diagnose failures and appropriately change the internals.  One service option is to create drawings to map and tag steam/air traps to your floor plans, along with a database to track service and schedule maintenance. We can also perform steam trap maintenance training appropriate to your needs.  Optimation also employs engineers well versed in steam trap sizing and design to provide our customers with a multi-faceted approach to their problem. We do a complete system investigation and even troubleshoot peripheral systems and equipment to ensure that we find the root cause of your heating inefficiency.

What Can Optimation’s Steam and Air Trap Maintenance Team Do For Your Company?

  • Full-Service Repair and Maintenance
    • 5 psi - 260 psi
    • 24/7 response
    • Service vehicles and commonly stocked parts(Sarco, Armstrong and others)
    • Service and Maintence scheduling
    • Training
  • Steam/Air Trap Audits and Surveys
    • Visual, Thermal and Acoustic (Ultrasonic) Inspection
    • Failure Rate Assessment
    • Energy Loss Rates
    • Targeted Steam/Air Trap Replacement and Maintenance Strategies
    • Map and Tag Steam/Air Traps
  • Complete Engineer-Supported System Investigations and Troubleshooting
    • Rebuild, Replace and Design New Systems
    • Trap Sizing
    • Trouble Shoot Peripheral Systems and Equipment

Industries Served:

  • Hospitals
  • Power Plants
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial Facilities