Orbital Welding

Optimation provides custom fabrication and precision welding for a broad spectrum of applications in industry.   We are one of the only companies in Rochester, NY with both orbital welding capabilities and our own orbital welding equipment. We have a team of journeymen experienced in orbital welding for the biopharmaceutical, food, and specialty chemical industries. 

Optimation’s orbital welding can provide you with:

  • welding pipe:  Schedule 10 – ½” to 4” ID
  • welding tube: 1/4" to 4" diameters
  • welding of materials with wall thickness from .035” to .130”
  • welding equipment which is transportable and can be used at a your site as well as in our shop
  • welding of stainless steel (300 and 316L series)
  • welders certified to work to ASME Sec. IX

Orbital Welding can provide a number of benefits to your project, including: 

  • Clean welds with smooth interior and exterior, that do not require grinding
  • Less maintenance and fewer future repairs
  • Smaller heat affected zone
  • Extremely repeatable welds
  • Fewer fabrication defects (including porosity and cracking)
  • Fewer clamped joints resulting in less leaks, improving safety, and lowering product waste
  • Lower production costs, increased productivity
  • Reduce or eliminate chances for contamination in process piping systems
  • Traceability – quality control


Example Orbital Applications:

  • Food, dairy and beverage tubing/piping systems
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems
  • Pharmaceutical process lines and piping systems
  • Semiconductor piping systems
  • Hydraulic lines, liquid and gas delivery systems