"U" and "R" Stamp

Have Pressure Vessel/Boiler Codes to Consider?

Facility Directors and Plant Managers have a lot to consider when undertaking pressure vessel/boiler projects. In the U.S., the majority of pressure vessel/boiler services must be performed by an organization whose processes are certified by a governing body. The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) have established uniform standards of quality processes. The “U” (Fabrication of Pressure Vessels) and “R” (Repair of Boiler and Pressure Vessels) Symbol Stamps signify Optimation’s processes for fabrication, repairs and/or alterations of boilers, pressure vessels and other pressure-retaining items are made in accordance with the ASME and NBBI codes. 

Your Single Source for Shop / Field Services

Optimation can meet your boiler and pressure vessel project needs in our over 350K sq. ft. shop and out in the field, a distinctive capability for industrial boiler and pressure vessel service suppliers. Whether onsite or offsite, Optimation’s certified processes and experience provide you with the assurance that your pressure vessel needs will be consistently met.

Our pressure vessel/welding specialists fabricate, repair and alter pressure vessels or repair boilers under a strict and documented quality control system. Our experienced project managers will complete the required forms and deliver to your designee signed by an authorized inspector. 

We Focus on Your Requirements

Optimation offers custom industrial fabrication services, manufacturing support, construction and assembly services through skilled trades in our industrial shops in Rochester, NY. Our pressure vessel and boiler services are based on your requirements.  When fabricating pressure vessels and/or repairing pressure vessels and boilers we focus on your requirements. We utilize quality materials and workmanship to provide you with a high quality final product.

We Offer You Complete Solutions

From engineering of systems, including mechanical, process, electrical and controls, to automation and integration to fabrication and assembly, Optimation can offer you the complete solution to your pressure vessel/boiler projects.

Optimation is a service provider with...

  • Experienced Master Tradesmen and Journeymen
  • ASME Certified Welders
  • “U” and “R” Stamp Certified Processes
  • Custom and Standard Vessels/Boilers Experience
  • Expertise in:
    • Engineering and Design Knowledge
    • Fabrication and Assembly
    • Installation and Testing
    • Repair and Alterations

Pressure Vessel & Boiler Tests:

  • (V) External Visual
  • (I) Internal Visual
  • (K) Leakage Test
  • (P) Pressure Test
  • (T) Thickness Test