Machine Assembly

Optimation adds Kingsbury to its family of companies providing complete engineering, machining and final machine assembly capabilities for assembly, machining, and web based manufacturing. Kingsbury Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of premier special purpose assembly and test systems; custom rotary dial, inline transfer, and SPM machines; flexible machining centers; and web based (roll to roll) machines. For over a century, the Kingsbury name has been synonymous with quality, durability and reliability in a wide range of products for the automotive, appliance and aerospace industries, to name a few. Example Kingsbury machines include large rotaries 20 feet in diameter and straight line machines well over 100 feet long. 

Kingsbury's manufacturing center has been relocated to 1600 Lexington Avenue ("Optimation Place") in Rochester, NY, capitalizing on the area's strong base of manufacturing. By joining with Optimation, Kingsbury has broadened the technologies it offers. Kingsbury continues to support the installed base of thousands of Kingsbury machines around the world. Daily, the Kingsbury parts department processes and ships orders for parts. Many Kingsbury machines have been in steady production for decades, proving the durability of a Kingsbury product. Kingsbury service technicians are also available to remanufacture any Kingsbury machine, regardless of age, condition or geographic location. 

Using their proven designs, Kingsbury adapts the world's leading technologies to produce agile manufacturing and assembly systems for global competition. Parts machined and assembled by Kingsbury systems are in the cars you drive, the jets you fly on, and in the appliances you use every day. For decades when customers came to Kingsbury, they received the solutions they needed to produce the world's best products. This continues to be true today for manufacturers of engine components, refrigerators, transmissions, brakes, lawn mowers, power tools, electric motors, steering systems, drive trains and more. 

Within a 180, 000 sq. foot facility Kingsbury has a full complement of equipment, tools and experienced custom machine builders and part fabricators who will provide a variety of services.

Machining Offerings:

Discrete Part Machining (Low Volume) and Large Part/High Bay CNC Machining

  • Flame cut up to 6" x 4' x 10' plate
  • Part handlers for fabrications up to 10 tons
  • Heavy milling up to 12'
  • CNC machining up to 8'
  • Finish surface grinding up to 30" x 72"
  • Shaft manufacturing turning up to 11" x 24"
  • Precision OD and ID grinding
  • Thread grinding, jig grinding, jig boring
Spare Parts Programs 
  • Kingsbury can supply replacement parts from original engineering documentation for products built by Kingsbury from the 1920's to the present.

System Offerings:

Assembly and Test Systems:

  • Synchronous
    • Precision line indexing system designed for heavy duty and high production assembly
  • Non-Synchronous
    • Manual and automatic work stations are both accommodated. A conveyor system transports the pallet from one station to the next allowing free float to accommodate varying station times. Client specified automation or gauges are integrated into each system.

Custom Rotary Dial Indexing Machines

  • Models 205 & 207 (In center column and flat top configurations)
    • Rotary table diameters of 80" and 96"
    • Double Roll "Geneva Action" index
    • Positional repeatability under load within 0.00025"
    • 8 to 20 index positions
    • 1.8 to 2.4 second second index
  • Model "G" type
    • Base diameters of 80" and 96"
    • Rotary table diameters of 26" and 30"
    • Single roll "Geneva" motion with shot pin location
    • 5 to 18 index positions
    • 1.49 to 2 second index

In-Line Transfer Machine

  • Model 510
    • Barrel cam, crank and folding crank index systems
    • Index position count to suit application
    • Multiple index distances ranging from 10" to 48"
    • Palletized with zero clearance locators and free transfer configurations

Special Purpose Machines (SPM)

  • Special purpose machines is a term for both rotary dial and straight line transfer machines as well as "any" other special configuration for a given production application outside of Kingsbury's "commodity machine" family.

Flexible Machining Centers

  • Model 635-1
    • Dual spindle with independent Z/W-axis feed systems
    • Up to 7 axis of motion, (X,Y,Z,W,A,B,C) plus 2 axis tool change
    • Average tool change time 3.4 seconds chip to chip over typical 10 tool change program

Web Based (Roll to Roll) Machines

  • Kingsbury's custom machines and Optimation's web engineering competence have been combined enabling the build of manufacturing machines for a web-based market.  Substrates of many types, including paper, plastics, metal foils and glass can be conveyed, coated and converted to finished products.  While the design and use is different than traditional Kingsbury machines, the quality, durability and high level of craftsmanship lives on.


Don't Worry, It's a Kingsbury

Machining Offerings:

  • Discrete Part Machining (Low Volume) 
  • Large Part / High Bay CNC Machining 
  • Spare Part Programs

Systems Offerings:

  • Assembly & Test Systems 
  • Custom Rotary Dial, Inline Transfer, SPM's 
  • Flexible Machining Centers 
  • Web Based (roll to roll) Machines