Millwright and Machinist Services

Optimation millwrights can install, modify, maintain, relocate and repair mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment and systems in an industrial or manufacturing environment. The team has experience with a variety of tools, techniques and materials, including sheet metal, piping, precision optical / laser measuring devices, lifts, crane assistance, rigging and tow motors. 

Optimation Millwrights and Machinists: 

  • Install ... 
  • Modify ... 
  • Relocate ... 
  • Maintain ...
  • and Repair ... 

... your mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and systems in an industrial or manufacturing environment

Example Projects:

  • Glass Lined Vessel Installation (for volatile and corrosive chemicals)
  • Conveyor Installation Maintenance and Alignments
  • Pump Maintenance and Rebuilding
  • Hospital and Clinic X-Ray Equipment Installation
  • Plant and Equipment Relocation
  • Reliability Checks (Maintenance Days)
  • Clean Room Environments
  • Conveyance problem troubleshooting and solution implementation
  • Steel framing upgrades for equipment installations
  • Mezzanine / platform fabrication and installation

Complementary Services:

  • Rigging 
  • On-site fabrication and structural welding
  • Shut downs
  • Maintenance and Capital Project work
  • Emergency repair service

Millwright Services:

  • Precision Leveling
  • Precision Assembly
  • Precision Alignment
  • Machinery Installation
  • Machinery Reliability
  • Equipment Upgrades and Repair
  • Machinery Moving
  • Steel Fabrication and Install
  • Structural Welding
  • Construction Management
  • Design