Power and Energy Utilities

Optimation has provided power and energy utilities services for a variety of applications and clients.  Our egnieners have experience specifying and implementing key equipment, including boilers, chillers, air compressors and pumps. Process control required for facility utilities is a strength, including water distribution an dtreatment systems for process water, chiller and cooling towers.  Power generation and distribution design and control services have been provided to numerous utilities and industries. We have many engineers with extensive experience in the distribution of electrical power along with the use of a variety of SCADA, PLC, RTU, control, and communications systems to provide monitoring and control.

Example Company and Staff Experience

  • Provided engineering services to conduct a reliability study of an entire plant electrical system. The project was designed to evaluate specific anomalies that are currently occurring and devise a method of remediation for each along with an appropriation-grade construction estimate.
  • Harmonic analysis, system design, equipment selection, and installation supervision services were provided for an addition of automatic power factor correction at a facilities main switch.
  • Provided design, and equipment selection services for replacement of 2160 Volt main relay.
  • Provided preliminary engineering to examine opportunities for cost reduction through the implementation of projects that could improve energy utilization and energy costs. Suggested projects included, installation of natural gas pipeline bypass, Co-Generation options, an evaporation system and filter press for recovery process products, and purchase of primary power from electric utility including the purchase of new high voltage transformation equipment
  • System design, equipment selection, and installation supervision services provided for complete power distribution system for a new plant. System included service entrance through final distribution for process equipment and building services.
  • Systems integration services were provided for 3 test stands involved with the testing of 3 phase transformers. The project involved the development of a software package to download test parameters to existing single phase and three phase pad mounted distribution transformer test stations and retrieve and compile test results.
  • System design, equipment selection, and installation supervision services were supplied for 1200 amp 600 volt distribution from 3500KVA switchgear to allow for expansion of a manufacturing facility.
  • Implemented a complete turnkey, six thousand point plant monitoring computer system including a main plant annunciator system at a 680 MW coal fired power plant. Provided monitoring system including software, hardware, documentation, and testing, along with technical supervision for the installation and startup of the system.
  • System design and equipment selection services were provided for upgrade of incoming service to 5500KVA. System included 32K volt to 600 Volt transformer and switchgear.
  • Provided system design, equipment selection, and installation supervision services for replacement of 4160 Volt PCB transformers and the main switch for a substation.
  • Provided engineering services for system design, equipment selection, and installation supervision services for 5000KVA incoming service, 32K: 480 Volt MSHA grade system included switchgear, motor control centers (MCC), cable trays and control panels.
  • Provided comprehensive electrical, controls, and software design services along with project management for the installation of a complete extrusion line in Texas. In general, the scope of work included the development of drawings for the prototype line; re-design of the electrical, software, and control systems as required to meet the customers standards and NEC codes; incorporation of machine design alterations; and coordination for the procurement of the electrical and control equipment.
  • Provided large distributed monitoring system for all plant utilities including electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, city water, compressed air, and steam usage. Monitoring included Two 32K:4160Vac Substations and power correction system, Ten 4160:480Vac Transformers and MCCs, 300HP air compressors, multiple chillers and cooling towers, three dual fuel boilers, and 1 natural gas powered 3000KW Co-Gen unit. System was programmed to match utility systems demand charges to allow intelligent alarming when monthly demand limit was being approached. System also provided historical data archival and trending abilities.

Example Clients:

  • New York State Electric and Gas
  • Pactiv Corporation
  • Champion International
  • Wyeth
  • Ermco Distribution Transformer
  • Sabin Metal
  • Dalrymple Gravel & Contracting
  • General Mills 