Renewable Energy Industries

Tackling renewable energy challenges demands the right resources ... add Optimation experts to you team. Optimation offers services for development and deployment of renewable energy resources. 

We offer our clients flexibility - to solve problems, test new process techniques, evaluate efficiencies and alternatives, and characterize, quantify and successfully implement capital projects. Project resources include our 350,000 square foot fabrication facility and 5,000 square foot development lab. For over 25 years, Optimation has proven success in facilitating the use of leading edge technology for our clients. 

Optimation is unique in its ability to provide design and fabrication services from the conceptual stage of a product or process, through prototyping, and finally to full production scale operation. Clients have a single source for seamless, cost effective and timely completion of their renewable energy and energy reduction projects. 

Solar Cell Production Processes

Roll-to-roll processing for production of solar cells is a developing technology which promises to dramatically reduce the cost of traditional semiconductor manufacturing methods. Optimation’s media conveyance facility (MCF), along with Optimation’s web coating, handling and converting experience, provides clients with an ideal development and prototyping partner. We can work with clients to design and implement large scale, low cost, manufacturing facilities for their solar energy products. 

MCF Capabilities

  • Multiple thin layer (up to 12 layers per side) coating equipment and process expertise
  • Consistent coated web drying profiles
  • Web base MD and TD thickness variability minimization
  • Web tension, conveyance, knurling, winding and slitting optimization
  • Consistent roll-to-roll oriented web crystalinity/DSC, curl, planarity and shrinkage.
  • Defects detection, tracking and elimination (Internal and surface)
  • Sanitary coated solution making and delivery system expertise, including precious metals and trace element additions.
  • Clean-room quality production areas

Alternative Fuel Processes 

Optimation has been actively involved in the design and construction of cellulose-based ethanol development and production systems. Our depth of chemical engineering and process automation skills coupled with our fabrication facilities and plant construction experience makes us a natural partner as new feed stocks or enzymes are investigated and plant upgrades and modifications are required. 

Biofuel Development and Production Project

Optimation helped with breakthrough improvements to process to enable production of ethanol without enzymes.

  • Contributed from functional specification through implementation, testing and process deployment
  • Fast-track design / installation approach and expert trades experience with sanitary piping were key aspects to the success of the project
  • Optimized control of ingredient additions
  • Increased reliability and repeatability
  • Resulted in lower costs, higher speed, less complexity with higher quality

Energy Efficiency

Optimation has a seasoned team of energy professionals who can review, assess and upgrade any commercial or industrial facility to cut energy costs and improve efficiency. From simple, but essential, steam trap maintenance to high end optimization of cogeneration facilities, Optimation has a broad selection of experience to draw on. A long time NYSERDA partner, Optimation has been involved in upgrades of many industrial facilities. Put Optimation’s team of engineers, technicians and skilled trades personnel to work to reduce energy costs by upgrading and optimizing manufacturing processes and power generation and distribution systems.

Energy Audits and Improvements

  • Worked on-site with customer to develop and implement energy efficiency improvements resulting in $750k/year savings.
  • Lead Kaizen efforts to shorten production startup time, reducing energy and product losses
  • Eliminated process variability resulting in product quality and energy savings
  • Optimized industrial cogen plant steam, power and refrigeration generation resulting in reduced energy required.
  • PET and PEN web base manufacturing heat management improvements
  • Compressed air supply to waste water aeration basin optimized to reduce compressor power
  • Steam boiler combustion control improvements
  • Optimization of multiple centrifugal compressed air supply system for toner manufacturing
  • Cooling tower water treatment, makeup and temperature control

Wind Turbine Production Processes 

Optimation works with wind turbine manufacturers in the design of production systems for new, lower-cost, higher-volume markets.  Optimation has a team of experts that can conceptualize and implement innovative approaches to meet this evolving demand.

Related Services:

Process Automation:

Optimation has batch, continuous and discrete process automation and controls experience in applications such as manufacturing of precision chemicals, web manufacturing and coating, and finished goods packaging and storage/ retrieval. Our complete system investigations and troubleshooting services can provide you with a multi-faceted solution, reviewing peripheral systems and equipment to ensure that the root causes of inefficiencies are eliminated.



Steam and Air Trap Maintenance

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, approximately 20% of steam leaving a central boiler plant is lost via leaking traps, making regular maintenance of steam/air traps essential to keeping your heating system cost-efficient. 

  • Regular maintenance, monitoring and evaluation can reduce your steam losses to less than 1%, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates. 
  • Optimation has a team of specialists prepared for system analysis including full-service repair and/or maintenance of your steam and air traps, regardless of boiler system pressure or manufacturer. 
  • Proven results with systems from 5 psi to 1600 psi
  • Rebuild, replace, retrofit and design new installations