Water and Waste Water Industries

Optimation has provided various services to utilities, municipalities and manufacturing industries that require extremely pure water for a very wide variety of processes. The firm’s engineering team consists of chemical, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, and systems and software engineers, as well as the fabrication, construction and maintenance skilled trades team. Together these teams have extensive experience in the processing and distribution of water along with the use of a variety of SCADA, PLC, RTU, control, and communications systems. 

Water Experience

  • Designed and implemented a 2500 gpm water distribution system for a 1,000,000 square foot food plant. Design included 14 water mains, local controls and back flow prevention. 
  • Designed and programmed complete SCADA system for Owasco water treatment plant. 
  • Performed investigations and generated requirements definition to recommend new SCADA system to replace current system for the Rochester Water Bureau at the Hemlock facility. Implementation of new system including SCADA system, historical data collection/archival and report generation was carried out completely through operator training. 
  • Recommended system components and replaced SCADA system for the Monroe County Water Authority. Perform ongoing upgrades and support. This water distribution installation is a Windows NT network and employs multiple Intellution SCADA nodes. It also includes remote SCADA capability through the water authority WAN. The county employs radios and a leased digital network to communicate with over 25 remote substations and associated tanks. Substation control is achieved using Allen-Bradley PLC's. The SCADA system includes data archiving for system analysis, alarming, reporting, and event and alarm-based emails and paging. 
  • Provided electrical and instrumentation upgrade to the Shoremont East Plant filter system, and other sites throughout Genesee County (New York) 
  • Responsible for full implementation of an 80 mile irrigation system in Colorado including about 40 RTU’s, 7 pumping stations, and 2 hydro power plants. 
  • Provided various control system and instrumentation upgrades for Boulton Point Water treatment facility, including radio telemetry for remote instruments 
  • Provided design, development and start-up of control system software for several state of the art potable water filtration plants, up to 8 million gpd 
  • Designed controls and wrote the software for a chlorination system for an industrial water distribution system. Design included inline chlorine sampling with feedback to a chlorine gas injection system. 
  • Provided installation of new instrumentation and controls to allow for the remote operation of two (2) industrial water-pumping sites. In each of the locations, the pumps were locally controlled by Allen Bradley PLC’s, and then connected back to a central Provox DCS control room via 900MHz and 2Ghz radio links. 

Wastewater Experience 

  • Replaced all I/O and control software for the City of Canandaigua Waste Water treatment plant. 
  • Studied and designed a 1,500,000 gpd waste sewage collection and layout for industrial manufacturing plant. Chemical wastewater project involved pH treating process residue and removing sediments. System required batching large amounts of chemical waste, pH transferring, removing specified chemicals at specified steps of the process, polymer addition, and multiple stages of mechanical filtering. The effluent then went through an RO and DI process and was reused in the production. Allen Bradley PLC’s, Panelmate operator interface units, and Wonderware Software were integrated to provide required functionality. 
  • Provide a variety of services for Monroe County Pure Waters. Including SCADA, PLC and communication projects. 
    • 6 MGD Siphon with Flushing – PLC 
    • 6 MGD Tunnel Control & Bar Screens - PLC & SCADA 
    • 8 MGD Pump Station PLC 
    • 12 MGD WWTP & Incinerators – SCADA & PLC 
    • Configuration pump stationmaster PLC Program currently installed in multiple remote pump stations 
  • Instrumentation specification and wiring drawings to implement two waste treatment facilities for Bristol-Myers Squibb 
  • Chemical wastewater treatment project involved removing color and balancing pH chemical addition for the non-production parts of an ink manufacturing process. System used multiple Allen Bradley PLC’s and Panelmate operator interface units. 
  • Provided design, development and start-up of advanced control system for a new tertiary wastewater treatment plant 
  • Provided programming and implementation of a large project with multiple operator stations (5) and floating licenses (5) for managers in various locations (sites) to view/monitor the process parameters, and to control the treatment plant gates, pumps, etc. This project included many communication methods monitoring the water levels in tunnels and substations via fiber, radio, lease lines, and local networks. System components used in this project included Square D PLC’s, Modicon PLC’s, CiTECT SCADA, DAQ, and Opcom communications. 
  • Installed new dissolved air floatation (DAF) unit and new sludge tank for treating industrial plant waste for a food manufacturing company. 
  • Provided programming and implementation for a CEMS system on a solid waste incineration system. The monitoring system trended all of the variables, calculated the corrected THC from the raw data, kept the running averages for reporting, and did the daily drift checks and 90 day calibration checks. 

Example Clients:

  • Buffalo Sewer Authority 
  • City of Canandaigua 
  • City of Corning 
  • City of Syracuse 
  • Cornell University 
  • Earth Tech 
  • Eastman Kodak Company 
  • Hemlock Water Filtration 
  • Lederle Praxis Biologicals 
  • Livingston County Water 
  • Metropolitan Water Board 
  • Monroe County Water Authority 
  • Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines

Other Related Experience

  • Designed and installed boiler feedwater system for 160,000 pound/hour steam generating facility. Equipment included softener, dealkalizer, de-aerator, blow down heat exchanger, booster pumps, and caustic and chemical treatment system. All controls associated with the system were included with the design. 
  • Designed control system for 1,000,000 gallon per day cooling water recycle system at Eastman Kodak. Controls were included for three pump cycled system, pressure and flow, solvent monitoring and evaporative cooling. 
  • Designed boiler feed water system for 200 HP steam generation facility using 25 % make up water 
  • Provided installation and connection of 40 new turbidimeters (with sample collection systems) to an existing Provox DCS to allow for turbidimeter monitoring to comply with new Department of Health regulations.