Media Conveyance Facility (MCF)

Experimental and Analytical Services
for Roll-to-Roll Products

Proving your concepts ... to enable your production

Use our Media Conveyance Facility (MCF) to help you develop and improve your product handling. Optimation's 5,000 sq. ft. Media Conveyance Facility (MCF) features experimental and analytical web handling facilities, equipment and development engineering support, custom machine capability and training. We offer you the flexibility to solve all types of web-related production problems, test new product features, characterize and quantify capital project investments without the cost and burden of running a laboratory of your own or diverting costly production time to pursue in-house experiments. Our configurable facility and team can customize equipment to client's product and process development needs.

We Work with You to Solve Your Problems

Production Quality

Evaluate/troubleshoot existing process capability, recommend improvement options, model and test selected upgrades. 

  • Tracking Roller 
  • Wear Tension (Bagginess / Strain) 
  • Speed 
  • Excess Waste 

Example Projects 

  • Determined root cause / corrective action to eliminate fiberglass web lateral tracking issues and reduce roller wear in fiberglass coating facility. 
  • Provided on-site winding characterization of a multi-layer blown film process, followed by winding recommendations to enabled client to improve web bagginess issues. 


Product characterization, process system analysis and customer requirements, process machine configurations and specifications, detailed design, build, install and commissioning. 

  • New Product Production Characterization 
  • Capital Project Justification 

Example Projects 

  • Utilized Optimation's MCF to develop and demonstrate robust conveyance components and a web path system to enable wrinkle-free conveyance of new product in an existing production machine. 
  • Provided winding and conveyance machine commissioning for a new copper foil manufacturing facility for winding optimization, enhanced process understanding, elimination of conveyance defects, and increased speed capability. 

Product Quality

Evaluate and characterize existing product, provide product conveyance and handling predictions based on measurements and modeling, recommend improvement options based on lab experiments. 

  • Creasing 
  • Wrinkling 
  • Breakage 
  • Conveyance Defects 

Example Projects 

  • Developed coating machine tension models to enable process tension optimization and robust conveyance for client's paper and PET webs; this allowed the client to achieve reduced web creasing. 
  • Utilized Tekscan nip pressure measurement equipment and field alignment tools to perform a machine assessment and assist in the resolution of lateral tracking issues / wrinkling issues in a multi-layer film conveyance line. 

OEM Machine/Component Development

Analyze and model equipment performance based on machine design; test performance of critical machine parameters; provide machine specifications based on models and experimental testing. 

  • Roller Design Characterization 
  • Web Path Specifications 

Example Projects 

  • Provided testing data and video demonstrating the effectiveness of a roller manufacturer's unique vented roller surface. 
  • Assisted machine equipment manufacturer to develop robust roller design and web path requirements specific to their webs.

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Contact our Senior Consultant: 

Email Dr. Kevin Cole, our Senior Web Handling Development Engineer with over 20 years of experience in web handling.

MCF Equipment:

  • Thin Web Rewinder 
  • Laminator 
  • Narrow Width Rewinder

Example Experiments

Wide Web Winding 

  • Interleaving winding - enable noncontact film winding 
  • Cardboard core torque transmission - low cost core 
  • Induction heated knurling - one-sided film edge knurling 
  • Film separation/peeling - new product development 
  • Layon roller study - high speed paper and film winding 

Roller Conveyance 

  • Roller surface - high speed conveyance 
  • Bowed roller - web spreading 
  • Web peeling - new product 
  • Anti-wrinkle and web spreading - paper, film, foil 

Air Conveyance Development 

  • Airbar clearance - reduce film edge contamination 
  • Reverser clearance - eliminate web contact 
  • Weave - minimize film lateral oscillations 
  • Hybrid turnbar/rollers - wrinkle-free product 

Narrow Web Winding and Conveyance 

  • Track off - elevated temperature on film 
  • Layon roller - high speed roll winding 
  • Winding product & process - verify predictive models 

Narrow Wound Roll Quality 

  • Roll telescoping press - roll integrity 
  • Sidewall gauge - roll straightness 
  • Inner layer pressure measurements - roll size