Conceptual Design

Optimation offers conceptual design studies that provide you with a tool to evaluate, estimate, and build a business case for potential projects.

Our experienced group of engineers and designers can assist you in a full range of your decision making processes. The Optimation team provides process analysis and design, identifies equipment and machinery and produces PFDs. 

Previous Project Experience:

  • Energy use study with suggestions for modifications for improved energy conservation, which helped justify our customer receiving a grant to support this effort
    Industrial power distribution harmonic studies
  • Experimental studies for chemical and process engineering in the manufacturing of thin film photoconductor devices
  • Media conveyance studies
  • Pilot studies for initial testing before full production
  • Feasibility analysis for the development of a new enzyme plant targeted for cellulosic bio-diesel end product
  • General studies of stock chests, hydrocylclones, wet chemical additions, wet presses, size presses and calendaring for the paper industry
  • Design Studies
  • Project Estimation
  • ROI Business Case Development
  • Process Analysis / Recommendations (Quality/ Safety, Efficiency)
  • Manufacturing Process Design Strategy
  • Functional Specification
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Work Cell Organization Layout (Work Flow / Material Flow)
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Planning & Management
  • Test Stands / Bench

Roll-to-roll Applications

Our media conveyance facility (MCF) enables us to perform media/web conveyance studies, focusing on proof of concept for new products before ramping up for full production.