Extrusion/Casting/Coating Process Capabilities

Optimation's extrusion coating consultants give you the right help for your line: assessing your manufacturing process, clearly defining your problem and its root cause, applying analytical tools to suggest viable improvements, and conducting pilot experiments to support recommendations. Use our full service offering to implement equipment improvements from proof-of-concept, through engineering, fabrication and startup.

Manufacturing Support

Capacity Increase Studies

  • Baseline equipment evaluation
  • Effect of line speed and process changes on equipment
  • Identify bottleneck components and develop remediation options

Yield Improvement

  • Scrap reduction, recycling
  • Thickness uniformity improvement
  • Defect root cause evaluation and remediation

New Product Technology Transfer

  • Develop manufacturing options
  • Assess equipment capabilities
  • Recommend optimal manufacturing scenario(s)

 Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Structural Analysis - design optimization, alternate materials
  • Steady State and Transient Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Recommend optimal manufacturing scenario(s)


Materials Selection

  • Evaluate alternate materials - compounding, extrusion, co-extrusion and casting

Roll-to-Roll Process

  • Produce small quantities of product samples
  • Perform Design of Experiment (DOE), analyze results, and apply
    data to optimize production process operating window. 

Product Quality

We address the following quality issues:

Extrusion Defects

  • Gels and Inclusions
  • Air Bubbles

Casting Defects

  • Thickness non-uniformity
  • Curl
  • Delamination

Drafter/Tenter Defects

  • Property non-uniformity
  • Metal contamination
  • Scratches


  • Streaks
  • Coverage non-uniformity

OEM Machine/Component Development

  • Extrusion coating machine
  • Resin drying and conveyance systems
  • Extrusion/Filtration/Melt conveyance system design and integration
  • Casting station and die mounting
  • Roller stack machine design and heat transfer
  • Systems integration, PLCs and data acquisition

Access to Pilot Coating and Extrusion Lab

Through its strategic partnerships, Optimation has the ability to conduct designed experiments to understand the process operating window and select appropriate materials and process conditions to support equipment selection and product development.

Extrusion and Casting Pilot Equipment:

  • Leistritz Twin Screw Extruder
  • Small Scale casting line – 8” roller width
  • Medium scale casting/extrusion coating,
  • 18” Co-extrusion, three layer, multi-cavity die
  • Bi-axial stretching machine (sheet samples)

Coating and Drying Pilot Machine

  • Multiple Coating configurations
  • Solvent and aqueous coating solution preparation
  • Air conveyance, UV curing

Example Experiments

Evaluate New Material

  • Resin samples—evaluate rheology
  • Cast samples of various viscosity level,
    evaluate pressure drop effect, temperature
    profiles and casting

Co-extrusion Film Sample

  • Cast samples of various materials and layer
    thicknesses for property measurement.
  • Compare feed-block to multi-cavity die
    samples for layer uniformity, enable larger
    viscosity ratios in adjacent layers
  • Bi-axially orient sheet samples

In-house examples

  • Web property measurements
  • Nip mechanics characterization
  • Web conveyance defect identification and