Precision Solution Delivery

Optimation has a proven record of designing and building delivery and recovery systems for a wide variety of industries, from cullet recovery at glass batch plants to batch resin delivery systems for film production.


  • Chemical delivery systems including emulsion
  • Chemical prep and delivery system
  • Emulsion delivery system utilizing positive displacement pumps
  • Trouble-shoot and design remediation for delivery problems of medium viscosity materials to bottle-filling lines.
  • Batch fluid delivery system comprising pumps, micro filtration, control valves and instrumentation for thin film photoconductor lines.
  • Waste heat recovery for high energy usage facilities utilizing heat for recuperation and reclaim systems
  • Solvent recovery, including acetate and methane
  • Slurry recovery
  • Polyester recovery
  • Cellulose triacetate handling/manufacturing/filtration/delivery and solution making/delivery of liquid product to the casting operation at a machine for LCD sheet film.