Process Development/Scale-Up

Optimation develops innovative manufacturing processes. Our team can work with a developer and turn their process concept or patented process into an operational unit. Optimation eases the pressure of a new process or scale-up – we bring the expertise of our process, mechanical, E/I, chemical and controls engineers and designers to the table, helping you with process verification, design, production instrumentation and scale-up. We specialize in development for first-of-a-kind production processes.


Managing Risk

With new process development comes increased risk. Optimation lowers this risk – our process engineers, technicians, and skilled tradesmen have the process knowledge you need to understand critical constraints.


Scale-Up and Optimization

We bridge the gap from your pilot process to scale-up and full manufacturing capability. Engineering, designing and building a full-scale process tailored to your specs. This can involve a re-design of your process, utilizing custom equipment and/or off-the-shelf components. We aren’t equipment suppliers; we engineer an optimized production process that meets your requirements.


Why Optimation?

With all of the necessary disciplines under one roof, you can be confident you’re working with a capable, single source supplier who can provide you with a turnkey production process:

Chemical Engineering

Controls Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electrical and Instrumentation Design

Machine Design

Mechanical Engineering

Process Design

Process Engineering