Chemical Engineering

Chemical Process Engineers provide experience in process design, process safety including 29CFR 1910.119 and NFPA, development, manufacturing, and installation/start-up for industrial clients. Our engineers are experts in both continuous and batch processes with a strong legacy of providing engineered solutions to complex problems and projects.  Work with a team that uses a vast knowledge base of product and processes, and takes ownership of project outcomes to deliver predictable and superior results.


When do you need a Chemical Engineer?

Chemical engineers are more versatile than you might think. If you manufacture products in the chemical, energy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, or oil & gas industry, you could benefit from a chemical engineer’s expertise.

Contact Optimation when you need to troubleshoot or fix your current process, or you need to add new capabilities to your existing line of business. Our expertise includes new equipment installations, capacity increases, added product features, or process improvements. Work with our chemical engineers to design new processes that match the appropriate technology to your product, manufacturing, and support infrastructure requirements. 


Responsive Relief for Capital Projects and Onsite Support

Optimation offers chemical engineering services for brand-new capital installation projects, or to supplement your own in-house staff.  When you need timely solutions to engineering or production challenges, we offer relief by mobilizing engineering assistance quickly and on short notice.  It begins with an understanding of your functional requirements, cost limitations, and schedule constraints. Working within these limitations, our solutions are timely, cost effective and meet your production and business needs. 


Why Optimation?

  1. Experience: The breadth of experience and process knowledge of Optimation’s chemical engineers is unsurpassed. 
  2. Project Methodology: Optimation’s chemical engineers work to a simple, easy-to-follow “Phases and Gates” project process, making it easier for you to divide your capital project into meaningful smaller segments of work - controlling your spending and risk. 
  3. Concept to Completion: A great advantage we offer to our clients is the ability to work with one service provider throughout the life of the project. Optimation offers total installed solutions that include detailed design, procurement, fabrication, installation, debug and start up. You save time and money by working with a single point-of-contact and a more efficient team.
  4. Hands-On Support: An important strength that Optimation’s engineers provide is hands-on process support, which can be delivered on site to ensure your production equipment is operating correctly and efficiently.  
  5. Professionalism:  Our Chemical Engineers are committed to building long term relationships by ensuring that your needs and objectives are met in a timely and professional manner.

Example Chemical Engineering Applications:

  • Multi-Purpose Reactor Systems
  • Pilot and Production Scale Skid- Mounted Thin Film Evaporator Systems
  • Distillation Process Design
  • Absorption / Stripping System Design
  • Solvent Recovery System Design
  • Evaporation & Drying Technology System Design
  • Product Packaging Including Colloids, Powders, Liquids, Tablets
  • Mixing, Blending, Weighing and Metering Systems Design
  • Biochemical Process Engineering
  • High Purity Carbon Dioxide System Design
  • Sterilization Fermentation & Pasteurization System Design
  • Solvent Abatement; Thermal Oxidizer and Absorption 
  • Emulsion delivery systems
  • Chemical preparation and delivery system
  • Electroplating processes, exhaust air scrubbers and associated peripheral equipment and controls
  • High hazard solvent systems, high accuracy dispensing system, fume exhaust and control, and relief systems
  • Specialized extrusion feed and filtration systems