Machine Design

Optimation’s applied experience in machine design and build ranges from providing single part design expertise to full turnkey solutions. Our designers work comfortably in the chemical, film, glass, automotive and aerospace industries.  Need design support? Optimation’s designers can work at your site, providing inside design services as needed.  

Machine Design Applications

  • Conceptual Design/Prototype
  • Design for Manufacturability 
  • Design for Reuse
  • Design for Material and Wear
  • Product Design
  • Metric and Imperial Design
  • Tolerancing (geometric)
  • Actuation Design/Sensing
  • Fastening/Joining/Assembly
  • Automated Assembly Design


Software Skills for Machine Design

  • Autocad 2D
  • Autocad 3D
  • Solidworks
  • Unigraphics  


Prototyping for Machine Design-to-Build

Save time during your prototype phase by using Optimation’s design-to-build services. We send CAD files directly to our machines, eliminating multiple and unnecessary drafts as you work out tolerances and dimensions. 

Kingsbury Corporation

Optimation’s sister company, Kingsbury Corporation, provides the expertise to build custom machines designed by Optimation’s machine design team. With over a century of experience in special purpose assembly systems and machining centers, Kingsbury enables our turnkey machine solutions for clients. 


Web Conveyance Machine Design

Optimation specializes in the engineering, design and build of machines for web-based manufacturing. Substrates including paper, plastics, metals and even glass can be conveyed, coated and converted into finished products using Optimation and Kingsbury’s custom machines. 


Turnkey Machine Design and Build Services

One of the advantages to our clients is the ability to work with one service provider throughout the life of the project. Optimation offers engineering, design and build services for custom machines, as well as installation, system integration, maintenance and controls support services.  

Example Services

  • Supported the development of new welding technologies, including laser and infrared welding, by providing machine design and software services.
  • Conceived, designed and implemented four skid-mounted testing stands for simultaneous stress testing of multiple automotive radiators and heater cores.
  • Designed and implemented a fuel oil pump test stand and overall process, which comprised a fuel oil delivery system, holding tank, valves, flow meters, piping, spill containment, and control system with machine guarding and interlocks.
  • Supported development of hot plate welding machines through multiple stages of development and product improvement cycles by providing machine design, instrumentation, process control, and software services.
  • Designed and implemented a system for batch material handling, blending, and transfer of powdered materials. 
  • Designed and implemented a glycerin stripper system used in the manufacture of monoglycerides.