Web Handling Training and Workshops

Try Our Unique Hands On Training Approach

Optimation’s web handling workshops provide students with a unique hands on experience, preparing them to solve web and conveyance problems that occur on their own lines. Our workshops have two dimensions: a classroom seminar explains the engineering principles behind each web process; a live lab demonstration proves the methods used to solve the common issues that arise in the field. Our workshops are designed for engineers and technicians at all levels. Each workshop addresses a unique web handling problem or principle.

For NYS Professional Engineers: Note that New York State professional development hour (PDH) credits can be earned by licensed Professional Engineers by taking our classes. These credits can be used to satisfy continuing education requirements for attendees to maintain their NYS Professional Engineering registration status. A student will receive 23 PDH credits for a three day class and 16 PDH credits for a two day class. If this is desired, let us know when you register. 

Training Locations

Optimation offers workshops at our Media Conveyance Facility (MCF) in Rochester, NY and at the New College Institute (NCI) in Martinsville, VA, however we can come to you too!  Contact Kevin Cole to schedule a workshop(s) at your location.

Workshop Locations Address
MCF 1600 Lexington Ave, Suite 102, Rochester, NY 14606
NCI 191 Fayette Street, Classroom 102, Martinsville, VA 24112

How to Enroll?

Review the current workshop schedule below.  After you have selected the workshop from the current workshop schedule, to enroll in a workshop it is a simple two step process:

  1. Enter your email address, name and phone number and
  2. Click on the highlighted link "Enroll for this event?'

You will be placed on the enrolled but not approved list. You will receive confirmation of approval within two business days.  If you enroll more than 3 weeks in advance, you will be contacted for payment 3 weeks prior to the workshop. If you enroll less than 3 weeks in advance, you will be receive confirmation of approval and will be contacted for payment within two business days.

Web Handling Workshop Schedule

Event StartEvent EndTitleNo. Days
10/8/2019 8:00 AM 10/10/2019 5:00 PM Enrollment enabled Web Handling Fundamentals 3

Training Class List

Attend a workshop at the MCF based on your needs.  Click on the following class summaries for details. 

Web Handling Fundamentals Workshop - presents the fundamentals of web handling; covers key concepts to optimize equipment and process designs; practical steps to eliminate waste from common problems and lab demonstrations to see web handling principles in action.

Web Wrinkling and Spreading Workshop - presents the process knowledge needed to eliminate buckling defects in spans between rollers (troughing) or on rollers (wrinkling). 

Nip Roller Workshop - shows how to improve your nipped roller process and equipment through a better understanding of the underlying engineering principles and design considerations of nipped rollers.

Center Winding Workshop - shows how to improve your roll and web quality through a better understanding of the winding process, winder design, and roll measurements.

Web Tension and Speed Control Workshop - Presents the fundamentals of dynamic machine tension control, drive tuning, tension control element calibrations, fundamentals of machine tension modeling, sources of dynamic machine tension losses. 

Roller Performance Workshop - presents techniques to reduce tension variations, slip, and scratching associated with poor roller performance.

Need a Workshop not on the Current Workshop Schedule?

If you have an interest in a class that is not currently on the current workshop schedule, we can accommodate. Please contact Kevin Cole.

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Web Handling Team

Our team of experts providing training is unparalleled in the industry, led by Dr. Kevin Colea Senior Web Handling Development Engineer with over 20 years of experience in web handling

Partnership with TJ Walker and Associates: Optimation has an alliance with TJ Walker + Associates, based in St. Paul, MN. Our workshop series is just one way to tap into our combined knowledge. 

Onsite Training

Onsite training provides the opportunity to participate in web handling classes, tailored to the materials and product running on your machines and dealing with the particular web handling issues of greatest importance to you. We work within your schedule, and because this training option doesn't have a hands-on lab portion, we can often complete onsite training in a shorter period of time than our traditional seminar and lab based training classes. 

Please contact Dr. Kevin Cole for further information.