The 140 year history of the MCF has yielded a rich array of intellectual property and applied models that the team leverages in providing clients the proper solution to a varied set of challenges. Leveraging models saves time and money when proving solutions for web handling and winding applications.


Intellectual Property / Models

  • Winding: high speed, thermoelastic, viscoelastic, web effects, wound roll integrity & web imperfections
  • Machine web tension profile: steady-state tension losses including acceleration related effects
  • Web tension transients: web path design, control selection
  • Air conveyance: device design, system performance
  • Roller traction: performance, roller/web surface design
  • Finite element analysis
  • Drive control and stability
  • Stock roll control and stability
  • Accumulator transients
  • Translating roller transients
  • Thermal transient modeling
  • Stock roll heating/cooling
  • Casting wheel thermal behavior
  • Air system transient modeling
  • Control system design, behavior and tuning
  • Vacuum drive roller design and performance
  • Conveyance over reversers using water-like fluids
  • Float arm and web accumulator web path design