Web Handling Team

Our Experts

Our team of experts is unparalleled in the industry, led by Dr. Kevin Cole. All of the MCF team has extensive experience in experimental design, trial implementation, new process development and manufacturing scale-up. Additionally Optimation has engineers, designers and skilled trades people for full solution implementation.

Dr. Kevin Cole is a Senior Web Handling Development Engineer with over 20 years of experience in web handling. Dr. Cole has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester. Kevin’s experience also includes internal training on winding and conveyance process fundamentals. In addition to his many patents, Dr. Cole is a welcomed keynote presenter and published author for various trades journals and web handling conferences. Click here to view the full curriculum vitae of Dr. Cole
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Robert Walton, PE is a Senior Development Engineer at Optimation with over 35 years of mathematical modeling, engineering, communication and analytical expertise.  He is an expert in web (roll-to-roll) conveyance and web conveyance machinery.  He has consistently focused on appropriate use of mathematical modeling to determine the root cause of problems, thereby delivering definitive solutions.  Mr. Walton has developed and taught many courses in web handling, vibration fundamentals, and mathematical modeling.  In addition, he has prepared and presented papers at international conferences, and has developed and gained approval of six patents.


Brooks Schneider, PE is a Mechanical Engineer with over 27 years of experience in high-volume film and paper web handling processes. Mr. Schneider’s experience includes project, design, production, and process development engineering.  His roles have included project engineering leadership, project management, and individual contributions, and he has provided training and technical consulting to worldwide operations.  Additional skills include lean manufacturing, analytic troubleshooting, and statistical process control.


Peter Sherer is the Mechanical and Process Group Manager for Optimation.  He is a strong communicator who facilitates all team members to engage fully, while seeking innovative solutions to business problems.  Mr. Sherer is proficient with generating concepts for capital solutions to manufacturing business challenges, and evaluating and selecting optimal equipment configuration.  His capabilities include development of custom machine design solutions where needed, large engineering team leadership, complex system engineering integration, and project management including cost and schedule reporting and tracking.


Full Solutions Team

Additionally Optimation has Senior Engineers and Technologists offering over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and research testing, data collection, analysis and reporting. Experience includes management of a material characterization laboratory utilizing standard and customized test methods and equipment operating procedures. In addition, our team has analytical laboratory experience and partners with others to provide these capabilities when needed.