December 13, 2018

ROCHESTER, N.Y., December 13, 2018 – Optimation, a global design, engineering and fabrication company for industry, announced a powerful manufacturing shop floor tool for production operators, process, product and maintenance engineers, and operations managers to identify and quantify process and product variability: Process Monitor.

Process Monitor allows for order-based viewing and analysis to complement the more typical date/time schema. This focuses users on run to run variability for any combination of products, processes or equipment. The Process Monitor toolset provides powerful calculating functions, statistical process control charts, user generated analysis scripts and modeling functions to visualize recorded process and product information and to guide users to discover the root causes of variability, machine breakdowns, and waste.

Optimation will provide consulting services to implement Process Monitor for critical operations and assist plant managers and operators to interpret the displayed information. After working with Optimation, a company can become completely self-sufficient in using the tool.

“Process Monitor is a proven tool with many years of industrial successes attributed to it,” said Bill Pollock, president and CEO of Optimation. “Combining it with newer software functionality available today will further enhance what it can do to improve quality and eliminate waste in nearly any industrial application.”

About Optimation: Optimation Technology, Inc., a global design, engineering and fabrication company, provides solutions in industrial and manufacturing applications from concept to completion.  Optimation is headquartered in Rush, NY, with development and fabrication facilities in Rochester, NY and other engineering locations in the northeast and southwest.