Skid-Based Systems

Optimation has provided numerous skid-based systems to a variety of clients in different industries. We specialize in taking a client’s concept, developing the design, and creating final release drawings and specifications that will meet all requirements of the project.


Why choose a skid-based system?

Skid-based systems offer a process or function with mobility. A skid-based system can be moved anywhere within your facility, takes up less space that a full process layout, and is easy to install and startup. How can you know if a skid-based solution is what you need for your process? An Optimation mechanical and process consultant can review your requirements and space constraints, and make the right recommendation based on your situation.


Why Optimation?

No other provider can offer you a solution from concept to completion. Our engineers and designers have the process expertise you need to evaluate your situation and design a custom skid-based system to meet your needs and budget. Our skilled tradesmen fabricate the system in our shops in Rochester, NY. Optimation's E/I designers and panel shop work together on custom control panels for your skid-based system, while our controls engineers integrate your new skid with the rest of your systems. Our experienced riggers and millwrights provide installation services.


Skid Experience Examples

  • Provided Process engineering for Paper Industry client including on-skid mounting, sanitary piping, batch blending
    and metering systems.
  • Designed and built multiple specialized equipment skids for clients in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Designed and serviced skid-mounted bleach production and metering units.
  • Designed the instrument portion of a variety of skid-mounted unit operations for an R&D facility including: fermentation vessels, distillation columns, evaporators and filters.
  • Designed control system for chemical skids used in gold mines.
  • Designed the controls for several Peroxide Delivery and Dilution Skids used by the Pulp & Paper Industry.
  • Designed skid-mounted water filtration systems.
  • Designed and built multiple skids for the Automotive Industry.
  • Conceived, designed and implemented four skid-mounted testing stands for simultaneous stress testing of multiple automotive radiators and heater cores.
  • Designed a skid/rack-mounted system for level monitoring and pumping of hydrogen peroxide to Seismic standards.
  • Designed and built a hot oil pump skid used for pumping a hot oil heat transfer fluid to a client’s high temperature distillation process.
  • Designed, assembled, installed, and commissioned a small batch light-sensitive chemical process consisting of mechanical and electrical equipment, interconnecting piping, delivery systems, and a control system that interacted with all equipment upstream and downstream.

Process Engineering

Optimation has deep experience in Process Engineering and its many applications, including skid-based systems. Learn more about our Process Engineering team here.