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CONTROL Magazine - Combining Building and Process Automation Systems. Is It Better?

Created 4 years 95 days ago
by Jennifer Palumbo

Jennifer Palumbo is Public Relations Manager at Optimation.  Her primary responsibilities include corporate communications, media relations, website content development and maintenance, marketing collateral, writing articles and project profiles, and sales support.

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Most process plants have a need for some type of facilities management and corresponding building automation systems. The degree of sophistication ranges from very simple for a plant with mostly outdoor equipment, such as a petrochemical facility, to quite complex for pharmaceutical and other plants where climate control and air quality are integral parts of the process. 


These degrees of sophistication, along with other factors, drive the decision to use one system or two for process control and building automation. Other key factors include upfront costs, operating expenses and staffing requirements ...

Read the full article in CONTROL from Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, including input from Optimation Network Specialist Paul Matatall here.