Robotics Integration Services

Optimation Technology strives to promote and advance onshore manufacturing by providing high-quality engineering design and development services for a series of diverse industries. Our comprehensive design and engineering services include, but are not limited to:

As part of our capabilities, we offer robotics integration services to meet the unique and diverse automation requirements of complex industries such as pharmaceutical, renewable energy, high-speed manufacturing, food and beverage, and more. Optimation engineers and project managers have the necessary skills and experience to address high-complexity issues with the proper equipment specifications, process optimization, and overall strategy in order to meet client deadlines. No matter your requirements, Optimation experts have the experience and flexibility required to create the ideal robotics solution needed to boost process efficiency and improve overall productivity.

What Are Robotics Integration Services?

Robotics integration involves implementing robotic systems in strategic areas to perform specific automated tasks. An experienced robotics integrator will first gain a complete understanding of a facility’s automation needs and cycle time requirements before specifying optimal equipment, programming, and finally implementing the ideal robotic solution with simple and effective controls needed to streamline operations, always keeping the client’s ROI in mind.

Depending on a client’s requirements, robotics integration may involve the use of robotic systems to perform tasks previously completed by human workers, or simply to increase the accuracy and throughput of existing processes. The primary goal of robotics integration is to improve a facility’s efficiency, repeatability, and enhance overall safety while also reducing costs, cycle time, and reject rate. Because of this potentially large impact on a facility’s productivity, robotic systems are increasingly being implemented across a wide range of industries including healthcare, logistics, general manufacturing, and many more.

Our Robotics Integration Capabilities

When it comes to robotics integration, knowing how to program a robot is not enough on its own. You need a partner with extensive process knowledge as well as prior robotics experience and expertise. At Optimation, we offer industrial robot integration services that include:

  • Technology selection
  • Process development and timing studies
  • Modeling
  • Detailed design
  • Installation
  • Startup & debug
  • Integration with other existing processes

As a robotics expert, we will ensure that your robotic system is designed and implemented in a way that maximizes its efficiency and effectiveness, while also considering unique requirements and process constraints. Optimation engineers will observe and dissect your manufacturing, inspection, transportation, or material handling lines, determine where improvements can be made, and develop and install the ideal automation solution in these areas.

Whether you’re looking to implement robotics for logistics, inspection and quality control, assembly tasks, material handling, or otherwise, the skilled team at Optimation will work with you to design and develop a system that will significantly streamline your operations and extend your capabilities. We have experience integrating robotics systems from industry-leading robotics manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Omron, KUKA, Staubli, and Epson. With a broad product knowledge, we strive to add value to your existing systems while at the same time enabling new capabilities that were previously absent.

Why Optimation Technology?

Compared to more standardized robotics services, Optimation has the ability to customize robotic solutions based on each of our client’s unique needs and challenges. We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and place a heavy emphasis on innovation and the adoption of emerging technologies, while also respecting client deadlines and capital expenditures. In doing so, we help our clients stay at the forefront of industry trends. Additionally, we recognize the growing demand for eco-friendly operations and prioritize sustainability and environmental considerations in each of our solutions.

Regardless of your robotics system integration needs, the experts at Optimation will work with you from concept to completion to ensure your project’s success. For more information about our robotics integration capabilities, contact us today.

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