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Mastery and application of web handling technology is key to waste-free operation of existing roll-to-roll equipment and processes and to the specification and implementation of equipment and processes for innovative and new roll-to-roll systems. Optimation provides world-class web handling capabilities that address not only these applications but additionally provide insight into web properties and characteristics influencing and impacting web handling robustness. The capabilities are provided through the Media Conveyance Facility with our services focused in three general areas: (a) web handling consulting, (b) web handling training and (c) web handling properties measurements. We provide these services either in direct support to our valued clients or to augment our other services such as Machine Design and Build, Automation and Controls Engineering and Design, and Process Engineering and Design.

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Optimation has many decades of mechanical, electrical, controls and process experience in web handling processes for paper, film, metal foils and digital media products. We solve common to complex problems in all categories of web handling including, but not limited to, conveyance, winding and product and machine related defect causes. We have a proven track record with many different clients where we either virtually or on-site become investigators to understand the nature and root cause of web handling-related problems. We can determine whether the cause of the problem is machine, product or process based and through our analysis, provide comprehensive understanding of the problem and clearly delineated step-based actions to resolve it. Typical steps in our consulting process are to first perform prework to understand the problem and to determine the appropriateness of the match between our skills and the consulting need. This is then followed by either remote or on-site investigation of the problem with typical activities consisting of observation of the problem including machine evaluation and defect assessment and web handling troubleshooting as required to provide additional insight. This step would typically extend over the course of one or at most a few days. Finally, we would provide a written report detailing our findings and recommendations to resolve the problem. Recommendations would be prioritized and would be completed by the client or perhaps lead to follow up project work completed utilizing Optimation or client-identified resources.


Optimation’s web handling workshops provide students with unique hands on experience, preparing them to solve web handling problems on their own lines. Our workshops have two dimensions: a classroom seminar that explains the engineering principles behind each web handling process and a live lab demonstration that proves the methods used to solve the common issues that arise in the field. Our workshops are designed for engineers and technicians at all levels. Each workshop addresses a unique web handling problem or principle.

For NYS Professional Engineers: Note that New York State professional development hour (PDH) credits can be earned by licensed Professional Engineers by taking our classes. These credits can be used to satisfy continuing education requirements for attendees to maintain their NYS Professional Engineering registration status. A student will receive 23 PDH credits for a three-day class and 16 PDH credits for a two-day class. If this is desired, let us know when you register.

Training Locations

Optimation offers workshops at our Media Conveyance Facility (MCF – 1600 Lexington Ave, Suite 102, Rochester, NY 14606) in Rochester, NY.

We can also provide our training virtually; thereby allowing you to participate without traveling to our facility in Rochester. This option has been developed to address travel restrictions currently being experienced by our clients.

However, we can come to you too! Contact Kevin Cole (kevin.cole@optimation.us) to schedule a workshop(s) at your location.

How to Enroll?

Review the current workshop schedule below and follow the link to register.

Workshop Schedule

Event Date Time Location
Web Handling Fundamentals


April 16, 17, 18 8 am – 5 pm Optimation Media Conveyance Facility (MCF)

1600 Lexington Ave., Rochester NY 14606

Web Handling Fundamentals September 24, 25, 26 8 am – 5 pm Optimation Media Conveyance Facility (MCF)

1600 Lexington Ave., Rochester NY 14606

Training Class List

Participate in a workshop based on your needs.

  • Web Handling Fundamentals – presents the fundamentals of web handling; covers key concepts to optimize equipment and process designs; provides practical steps to eliminate waste generated by common problems and conducts lab demonstrations highlighting web handling principles.
  • Web Wrinkling Spreading – presents process knowledge needed to eliminate buckling defects in spans between rollers (troughing) or on rollers (wrinkling).
  • Center Winding – shows how to improve wound roll and web quality through an understanding of the winding process, winder design, and roll measurements.
  • Roller Performance – presents techniques to reduce tension variations, slip and scratching associated with poor roller performance.

Need a Workshop not on the Current Workshop Schedule?

If you have an interest in a class that is not currently on the current workshop schedule, we can accommodate. Please contact Kevin Cole at kevin.cole@optimation.us.


The Media Conveyance Facility provides a rich set of assets to leverage for innovative solutions, including web handling equipment, measurement equipment, intellectual property (IP), sophisticated, proven mathematical models and an exemplary team. Web properties relevant to web handling are identified and reviewed in our web handling workshops. Web Handling property measurements provide key information enabling us to optimize conveyance and winding processes by ensuring that the web characteristics are appropriate for existing web handling equipment or meet the requirements for new equipment. Optimization is achieved either through experience or where appropriate, through application of proven web handling mathematical models.

Our measurement capabilities include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • web/roller and web/web capstan and sled friction
  • tensile properties including Young’s modulus
  • stack modulus
  • web and roller surface roughness
  • nip system diagnostics
  • other – please Contact Us

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Web Handling Experts

Our team of experts is unparalleled in the industry, led by Dr. Kevin Cole. All the MCF team has extensive experience in consulting, training and property measurements. Additionally, Optimation has mechanical, electrical and controls senior engineers and designers offering over 100 years of experience applying web handling knowledge to the design and implementation of roll-to-roll equipment.

  • Kevin Cole is a Senior Web Handling Development Engineer with over 30 years of experience in web handling. Dr. Cole has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester. Kevin’s experience includes training on winding and conveyance process fundamentals. In addition to his many patents, Dr. Cole is a welcomed keynote presenter and published author for trade journals and web handling conferences.
  • Brooks Schneider, PE is a Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in high-volume film and paper web handling processes. Mr. Schneider’s experience includes project, design, production, and process development engineering. His roles have included project engineering leadership, project management, and individual contributions, and he has provided training and technical consulting to worldwide operations.


Check out our Web Handling Documents Library to Download 

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