Depth and Hook Load Data Acquisition

Industry: Oil & Gas


A customer serving the oil and gas industry needed custom data display for two types of data on oil field platforms: the hook load amount (the amount of weight the rig is holding up at the surface) and the distance drilled on each oil rig. Before working with Optimation, the client obtained this information using a manufactured data acquisition box consisting of two panel mount meters connected to a PC through a 4-port USB to an RS232 converter. The system acquired 4-20mA weight data for hook load and quadrature encoder data for depth. However, this system was not able to produce data fast enough; the client needed a system with the capability of updating values at 20 times per second or greater.


The Solution:Optimation replaced the panel meters with a CompactRIO system with an analog digital input module and an RS-232 serial interface. Optimation worked with the customer to develop a custom serial command set for exchanging data between CompactRIO and the software. Optimation wrote software code that would monitor the encoder logic and analog measurements. In order to get updates at the faster speed the client desired, Optimation buffered the data on the CompactRIO. For ease of use, Optimation chose a TPC module with an NI touch panel display running Windows CE. A LabVIEW application was written to display hook load and depth on a small screen on the touch panel display. Optimation's system was also designed to allow the client to test the system in-house before being sent out to the field. Communication between the CompactRIO and the Display was achieved through Ethernet and shared variables.


As a result of the project, the client is no longer limited to two modules. Up to 8 analog channels can now be displayed and the client can receive value updates at a faster rate. Additionally, due to the success of this project, the client has made plans to update additional existing modules with this new system. The client will purchase additional CompactRIO systems from Optimation, with software pre-installed on the module prior to shipment.
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