Laser Etching Machine Installation

Industry: Chemical


The client needed to have additional laser etching capabilities and an improved environment for work.


Prior to installation, Optimation provided site preparation services to make the space ready. Some of these services included: -Installation of the vacuum pump and water chiller included with the CREO unit; -Fabrication and installation of a sound enclosure around the air compressor, vacuum pump and chiller to keep noise levels at a minimum; -Conditioned air into the sound enclosure as required from a supply duct inside the room; -Nitrogen line to the debris removal head on the CREO unit; -30A electrical service to the CREO unit at 208 VAC from a distribution panel located less than 50 ft. away; -Power, connection and switch for lights in cleanroom enclosure from an electrical panel located less than 50 ft. away; -Exhaust hook-up from vacuum pump to room exhaust stack connection; -Installation of an eye bath; -Installation of additional countertops to double the amount of counter space available in the room; After prepping the site, the team needed to demolish a side wall to accommodate the CREO machine. Once the machine was moved into the building, the wall was replaced and the machine was attached to the floor. Optimation then installed a cleanroom with an interlocked laser warning light to the outside of the cleanroom enclosure and HEPA filters.


The job was completed on time and to the customer's satisfaction.
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