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Kodak developed two new flagship printers: the Kodak Prosper 1000 (black only) and 5000XL (full color) Press, and needed Optimation to help bring the products to market as fast as possible. This required a team that could work quickly and think on their feet to get the job done, producing fast, flexible, efficient systems that set new benchmarks in productivity and quality for four-color, high-speed inkjet printing. The Kodak Prosper 5000XL Press won an innovation award on PrintNight, a German award ceremony featuring printing industry innovation. The web press has a maximum print width of 622mm, incorporates unique Kodak Stream Inkjet Technology and can print on a wide variety of stocks, including glossy substrates.


The effort began in early 2010 with an empty room, some shelves and a spreadsheet for tracking inventory. Kodak was competing head-to-head with HP for this market space, and required delivered product quickly to meet the demands generated by their marketing and sales team.

The product is in the early stages of the product life cycle but promises to be a game-changer for the printing industry. Both models of printers are full duplex and replace offset press machines in high volume print organizations. They are ideal for producing books, catalogs, magazines, brochures, inserts, direct mail and any other products with variable content. Both have a competitive advantage over offset in providing cost effective short runs, relatively easy color and production adjustments and minimal impact on the environment.

A combination of three locations - Rochester, NY, an off-site OEM, and Dayton, OH - work together to build, test and ship systems to customers. This means that logistics was of primary importance to the development of the manufacturing process. Parts are received and kitted in Rochester. Optimation's team supports this effort across a wide spectrum of fabrication, assembly and logistics needs, leveraging electricians, instrument and sheet metal mechanics, millwrights and crating specialists. Optimation fabricates and assembles the major electrical components of the press, including PLC controlled motion panels, main power cabinets and point I/O boxes. Shipment of an average of $200K in parts per week to the off-site OEM takes place next in the process, where assembly is performed. Final integration and shipment to the end customer takes place out of Dayton.


There is now a fully functioning logistics unit, meeting the demands of the market shipping over 20 presses to date.
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