Truesense TEL ACT 8 Installation

Industry: Consumer Products & Manufacturing


Truesense Imaging is a company providing a broad range of image sensors for industrial, medical, photographic, scientific and security applications. Truesense purchased a new coater/developer machine called the TEL ACT 8. The TEL ACT 8 needed to be installed in Truesense's clean room.


Optimation riggers unloaded the new TEL ACT 8 machine and placed it in a temporary holding area as the clean room space was being prepared by other Optimation trades.

Optimation sheet metal mechanics designed, fabricated, and installed two new stainless steel bulk cabinets in the clean room. These sheet metal mechanics also removed an existing 18"x18" duct located below the clean room floor and fabricated and installed a new stainless steel duct.

Optimation electrical and instrumentation mechanics installed 208V, 125A power for the new machine, a 208 bus duct switch, AC power with a lockable disconnect switch, and removed and reinstalled lighting fixtures throughout the clean room. Optimation also installed 30 feet of aluminum ladder tray for cable management below the clean room floor.

Optimation pipefitters installed the following mains: nitrogen, clean dry air, vacuum, cooling water supply, drains, de-ionize water, and process cooling water.

For the equipment move into the clean room, Optimation removed and re-installed a wall and doors to allow for the TEL ACT 8's size. The equipment was loaded and installed onto an aluminum frame to support and isolate the machine from the clean room floor.


Optimation completed the project on time and under budget, saving the client $32,000. The machine is currently in operation.
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