Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are computerized systems that  provide real-time performance information.  These systems are the intermediate layer between an Enterprise  Resource Planning (ERP) and the device/process control or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.  These systems provide the right information at the right time across multiple function areas.  Traditionally, the focus has been on the plant floor with integration beyond the four walls. An MES allows manufacturers to make better cost saving decisions based on real-time performance information.

Our Experience

Optimation offers a highly experienced staff than can help you significantly increase manufacturing productive and yields while reducing manufacturing material and labor costs while effectively increasing total throughput and productivity. Our systems help our clients drive operational excellence, delivering business intelligence with comprehensive production performance and management capabilities.

Our MES experienced engineers will work with you to:

  • Manage all of the various inter-dependencies and establish a collaborative production management ecosystem while providing an enterprise-wide system of record
  • Enable a synchronized and highly coordinated flow of information thus eliminating traditional "silos" of data for better visibility and control over disconnected manufacturing processes
  • Enable a paperless system that delivers electronic work instructions throughout the production process for a rapid response and consistent execution of the process
  • Delivering pertinent content to the right people at the right time to empower better decisions about every aspect of your manufacturing.  This will include dynamic planning, production capacity analysis, Work-In-Process (WIP), inventory and standard lead times.
  • Provide a structured methodology to define the intangibles and manage / reduce risk
  • Understand the value information systems can deliver and how to deliver maximum ROI

How Can Optimation Help?

Building Block Approach

Optimation’s approach to helping clients drive production improvement is both ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’.  We develop scalable, ‘building block’ solutions tailored to meet specific client requirements using a minimum of custom code.  We establish a solid foundation and add blocks over time to complete enterprise-wide systems that deliver high return on investment based on lowest project lifecycle costs and total cost of ownership.

Legacy Systems Integration

Optimation’s systems connect and operate from the plant floor at the sensor level up through the ERP system, tying everything together into an integrated whole.  A key to success is our ability to interface to and integrate with legacy systems throughout the enterprise, protecting and leveraging the client’s long-term investments to deliver accurate, real-time manufacturing information and control to the people who need it, when they need it, to optimize business results.

Cost Effective Solutions

This modular platform development is far more cost effective and adaptive to existing client processes and operational requirements than big, expensive ‘top-down’ packaged solutions, enabling Optimation and our partners to build flexible, plant-wide systems over time employing a less costly and more manageable incremental approach, executed in project phases, that clients can readily afford and justify.

Step by Step Methodology

Optimation believes in proving things out as we go and providing justification for taking the next step, to manage costs and other considerations such as ensuring that the system can be validated.  This approach keeps both Optimation and our clients on solid ground throughout the project lifecycle to ensure successful project delivery and results.  Optimation employs a proven project execution methodology that follows GAMP-4.  Quality standards and procedures are integrated into everything we do as a routinely audited Life Sciences service provider.

Turnkey MES Systems

Optimation can take full responsibility for turnkey system delivery from concept through installation and support including:

  • Consulting, project and system definition / specifications based on business drivers, expected ROI and user requirements
  • Facilitation of solid buy-in from all stakeholders including engineering / IT, operations and management
  • Cross-functional MES team leadership and project management
  • Designing and the development of interfaces and the integration with ERP and legacy systems
  • Building, implementing and testing of standardized modular platform solutions
  • System installation and configuration
  • Training and support 

Business Results -- Not Technology -- Measure Success

Optimation understands that technology has to deliver tangible business results to be of any value. An elegant technical solution that does not fully satisfy business needs and produce a substantial financial return can do more harm than good in terms of lost time, cost of ownership, and lost opportunities / customers. Therefore Optimation measures project success, not simply through the technology but more so through your business results.

Business Drivers

In today’s environment of chronic pressure to reduce costs, boost output, improve quality and consistency, increase utilization and productivity, reduce inventory, scrap and rework, and provide everyone in the organization with the information they need to make the business perform, companies must develop collaborative partnerships with competent, experienced people they can trust to take on challenging manufacturing problems together and develop system solutions that deliver to the critical needs of the business.


Optimation has the broad-based, in-depth experience and know-how to help guide your team through the mire, identifying specific business drivers, problems, needs and requirements used to determine technology selection and system specifications, for successful on-target system implementation and delivery of needed business results.

Our MES Expertise

  • Order, Campaign and Batch Management
  • Formula and Recipe Management, Batch Control
  • Product Tracking and Genealogy
  • Electronic Batch Records (EBR), Electronic Signatures
  • Exception and Deviation Management
  • Statistical Process Control, Statistical Quality Control
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Asset Tracking and Management, Maintenance Support
  • Inventory Management, Materials Management
  • Weigh and Dispense, Sample / QA Management, LIMS
  • Plant-to-Enterprise, S-95 and ERP Connectivity
  • Key Performance Indicators, Executive Dashboards
  • Production Reporting, Business Intelligence, Data Mining
  • Scheduling and Planning, Labor Management