RFID and Bar Code Technology

Optimation engineers are skilled in the configuration of tracking systems using bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies. Bar code technology is mature and critical in the tracking of materials in your process. RFID technology supplements processes with a greater range of capabilities.

Successful RFID implementations may include active tags that are able to have greater read distances; passive tags with very low tag cost and no battery requirements; or newly introduced hybrid tags that have the benefits of both.  There are even tags with e-ink that can use both RFID and bar code.

Optimation has teamed with RFID partners that provide critical site assessments, technology and middleware.  From this point Optimation can integrate RFID and bar code technology to database environments including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Oracle, along with integration with plant floor control and SCADA systems, S88 Batch Systems, as well as web-based systems.

When it comes to electrical installation services, Optimation has a complete team of installers including electricians and technicians.

How can Optimation help?

We have integrated to existing systems, as well as worked with clients to define requirements and then created new systems to meet their needs. We can assist with your RFID and Bar Code technology needs from concept to completion by:
  • Define your user/system requirements
  • Plan and design system based on your user/system requirements
  • Integrate a new system with an existing process
  • Implement and test your new or integrated system to verify user/system requirements are met

Benefits of RFID and Bar Code Technology:

  • Real time data reducing time to market
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Improved tracking of assets, inventory and completed products
  • Enhanced partner and vendor relationships