Precision Alignment

Whether you're installing new equipment in your facility, or troubleshooting existing machinery, you can benefit from optical or laser alignment services by Optimation.

We help clients with precision alignment (perpendicular, parallel and plumb), within .002" using laser and optical alignment equipment and experienced technicians.

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Why Optimation?

  • We provide you with full service solutions. Optimation's team not only provides expert optical alignment and precision leveling services; we also install and maintain your equipment, giving you a single point of contact to work with. Clients with web handling equipment can also benefit from our web handling development engineers. 
  • We save you money. By working with Optimation, you save the time and money of juggling multiple contractors to get the job done. We can come to your site, assess your needs, and provide you with first class solutions, aimed at increasing throughput and reducing product waste.  We can work with your team or be your team.
  • You benefit from unparalleled experience. Optimation's Precision Alignment Millwrights have decades of experience, serving clients in the food and beverage, film and plastics, glass and ceramics, and pulp and paper industries.

Machine Maintenance and Assessment - Web Conveyance

  • Having one of these problems?
  • Webs exhibit wrinkles, breaks, baggy edges and wander
  • Web draws and tension variation 
  • Uneven press nips and pressure 
  • Excessive wear on wires, felting and roll covers
  • Production problems develop with coating applications, control of caliper, de-watering, drying, cooling, calendaring, slitting, cutting and winding 
  • Off-register printing

Although we service many industries, the web handling industry is the focus of many of our projects and an area of expertise in engineering services, training and precision alignment. Papermaking, printing, converters, film extrusion, laminating foils, whatever the product, if you run a roll to roll continuous web, we are the company to call concerning machinery alignment. 

Our strong background and experience in this industry combined with our equipment and knowledge in roll and machinery alignment will solve your web running ability issues. Our optical alignment specialists can troubleshoot weak points on your machine, and provide leveling and alignment services that improve production speed and eliminate tracking issues.

Right from the Start:

Utilize Optimation’s Trades and Engineering.  Before your equipment is installed contact Optimation.  Let us help you with your project – 

  • Consultation: Planning, Layout and Construction Needs
  • Machinery Bases and Sole Plates: Design, Fabrication and Installation
  • Installations:  New and Used Machinery
  • Machinery alignment to alleviate alignment based problems

Certified Laser and Optical Alignment Services:

  • Machine Alignment - optical precision leveling and alignment
  • Coupling Alignment - laser
  • Motor Alignments - laser
  • Shaft Alignments - laser
  • Belt Alignments - laser
  • Sheave Alignment - laser

Project Experience:

  • Slitter Installation
  • Fan Alignment
  • Motor Change/Coupling Alignment
  • Printer Press Alignment
  • New Winder and Takeup Alignment