Coating Technologies

Optimation has decades of experience with solutions in process coating systems. We apply our knowledge in web conveyance, roll coating and converting operations for clients in the film, paper, consumer products, metals and energy industries.


Coating Expertise

  • Roll coating systems
  • Slot die/curtain coating
  • Extrusion coating
  • Metalized film coating
  • Vacuum Web Coating
  • Atmospheric Web Coating
  • Specialty Web Coating
  • Laminating
  • Process optimization
  • Roll-to-roll technologies
  • Machine and equipment accessories upgrade cost/benefit
  • Process control and measurement
  • Product tracking with RFID
  • Patterning and edging
  • Coating processes, tools and equipment


Need to manage the quality of your coating process?

Optimation uses process measurement techniques, such as tracking and controlling coating weight, defects and viscosity, and process modeling to evaluate and characterize your existing product and make recommendations for improvements. 


Proven Project Experience

  • Renovation of a polyethylene coating machine, comprising a new laminator, dryer, and web treatment equipment
  • Machine air system for handling of an extruded polymer film
  • Chemical mixing facilities including metering and blending systems for emulsions and polymer solutions
  • Pneumatic conveying and blending systems for bulk pelletized solids used in coating formulation process
  • Complete coating line redesign/rebuild/startup comprising web unwinding, steering, laminating, turning, gravure coating, drying, and rewinding
  • Laminator and winder foundations
  • Web flotation dryer damper and controls upgrades
  • Coating flow visualization fixture design
  • Die coating process feasibility study, preliminary design and engineering, detailed engineering and follow-up performance study
  • Coating line redesign/rebuild/startup of high speed, multi stage laminating, printing and coating machine comprising unwind, tension controls, gravure printer with independent dryer, dual extrusion laminators, ozone surface activation systems, web traversing optical scanners, dip coating stations, slitting stations, VOC fume containment enclosures, and all services including electric, hydraulic and chilled water
  • Mixing and delivery system for high viscosity multi-component coating formulation, including high temperature processing, sanitary piping, and control and elimination of air entrainment in system
  • Automatic profile extrusion coating die system design
  • Cooling roll structural, thermodynamic and hydraulic design
  • Photographic paper extrusion coating line rebuild
  • Wingems/Visual Basic coating formulation process model
  • Integrated control system for pilot and manufacturing plants for new emulsion coating process, including mixing, blending, and ultrafiltration of highly viscous coatings
  • Coating formulation facility, equipment and controls; coating delivery system to slot die applicator; optimization of slot die
  • Laboratory, Pilot Plant, and Manufacturing Plant Design, Build, and Start-up
  • Coating Process Development and Design
  • Web Handling Systems, Design, Installation, Automation and Control
  • Vision Systems, Image Acquisition, and Digital Image Analysis for On-Line and Off-Line Coating Defect Detection and Analysis
  • Coating Flow Visualization Tools and Techniques
  • Coating Fluid Rheology Measurement and Analysis
  • Process Area, Warehousing and Material Handling System Layout 

Example Product Applications:

  • Flexible displays
  • Touch screens
  • Flexible semiconductors
  • Superconductors
  • Thin film batteries
  • Flexible solar cells
  • Barriers
  • Film sensors and touch screen sensors
  • Anti-counterfeiting films and papers