Process Startup

After your machinery is installed, how do you know it’s ready for primetime? Start production without a proper startup plan, and you could be welcoming disaster – inefficiencies, defects and product variability.  Include process startup in your overall project plan to proactively deal with costly production errors.


Preliminary Checkout

Process startup, or preliminary checkout, involves turning on the pieces and subassemblies of your new equipment to ensure that everything can function as a process. Utilities are applied to the system, and the machinery is tested with using safe product substitutes. Using this approach, Optimation process engineers and mechanics are able to monitor process efficiency, troubleshoot and make minor modifications as needed, all before running your product. The result is a smoother transition from installation to production.


Equipment Tuning

During process startup, machinery can be “tuned” for more efficiency. For example, machinery can be tuned to run on less energy without sacrificing output. Component temperatures can be made more consistent through equipment tuning, reducing product variability. This is an upfront investment in your new equipment, with long term payouts for years down the road.


What we can do for you

When you work with Optimation from the beginning of your new equipment project, process startup can be included in the overall scope of work. You’ll work with one team from start to finish, and we’ll handle the details of process startup. If you’ve already worked with another supplier for your equipment installation, we can come in and provide process startup services.  


Why Optimation?

Process startup and preliminary checkout requires a higher level of knowledge and understanding that many construction companies simply don’t have. Optimation has a complete team of skilled professionals to call on when process or equipment modifications are required:

  • Process Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers
  • Controls Engineers
  • Skilled Tradesmen


Optimation also provides commissioning services after process startup, testing equipment using your actual product and checking for factors such as composition, time and repeatability.