Skid Systems

Turnkey skid systems by Optimation … engineering, design, fabrication, installation, controls and maintenance of skid systems for any industry.

We specialize in taking a client’s concept, developing the design, and creating final release drawings and specifications that will meet all requirements of the project. 

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Skid Systems Examples

  • Batch make skids embody a variety of batch make needs, including component additions, mixing, temperature cycling, filtration, pumping/delivery, etc.  
  • Clean in Place Skids (CIP Skids) are provided to clients who need cleaning solutions (for example, soaps, bleaches, biocides, etc.) to be mixed, treated (e.g. heated, pH balanced, filtered, etc.) and then delivered to the process at controlled flows and pressures to provide cleaning functionality.
  • Coating skids, a subset of dispensing skids, where solutions are treated and delivered to a coating operation.  These types of skids may include very precise flow and pressure control, filtration, temperature control, filtration, de-aeration, etc.
  • Dispensing skids designed to pump solvents at controlled rates to batch or continuous chemical processes. Can include value added functions, like temperature control, filtration, etc.
  • Fire protection skids are generally designed as special fire water pumping skids rated for high flow.
  • Firing headers
  • Gas headers/Water headers are a type of specialty skid designed to distribute needed process utilities to downstream process steps/consumers.  These generally involve piping, valving, and flow controls to properly meter fluids between an inflowing source and a manifold of outflowing supplies
  • High pressure test skids and equipment. Used in such applications as oil and gas exploration, where field components such as pumps and valves are 100% tested at rated duty cycles to ensure no failures at the well when put into service.
  • Hot oil pump skid used for pumping a hot oil heat transfer fluid to a client’s high temperature distillation process.
  • Modularized chemical reactors
  • Powder screening carts are an interesting combination of centrifugal sieve, piping and valves, and a portable framework to enable a shared powder recovery to the 3D metal printing industry.
  • Bleach production and metering skids, designed to dilute, mix, treat, and deliver bleach to your process. 
  • Liquid level monitoring and pumping skids/rack-mounted systems for of hydrogen peroxide designed to seismic standards.
  • Fermentation vessels, distillation columns, evaporators and filtration systems are all process functions that can be skid mounted
  • Stress Test stands, skid mounted, for simultaneous stress testing of hardware/components, (e.g. automotive radiators and heater cores)
  • Small batch light-sensitive chemical process skid
  • Specialized Pharma equipment skids for clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma skids are designed to blend and treat/process pharmaceutical based powders and pastes.
  • Water skids are designed and built to provide water that is heated, cooled, filtered, treated, metered, in numerous configurations according to your process needs.
  • Water purification skids

We offer a solution from concept to completion:

  • Our engineers and designers have the process expertise you need to evaluate your situation and design a custom skid system to meet your needs and budget.
  • Our skilled welderspipefitters and sheet metal mechanics fabricate your skid system in our shops in Rochester, NY
  • Optimation's E/I designers, electricians and panel shop work together on custom control panels and wiring for your skid system, while our controls engineers integrate your new skid with the rest of your systems.
  • Our experienced riggers and millwrights provide installation services.
  • Our technicians provide ongoing maintenance of your skid system, ensuring a sustainable process.
Can we help you?

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Need to build a skid?

Process Engineering

Optimation has deep experience in Process Engineering and its many applications, including skid-based systems. Learn more about our Process Engineering team here.

Need to build a skid?

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