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  • What Is an Electrolyzer? - Hydrogen, the gaseous material that creates water when it reacts with oxygen, is an abundant resource with applications ranging from fertilizers in the agriculture sector to the power source for electricity-producing fuel cells. As most operations for producing hydrogen aren't environmentally friendly because they involve burning fossil fuels, those interested in renewable and eco-friendly energy… Continue Reading
  • Reshoring: Helping U.S. Manufacturing Compete through Enhanced Domestic Production - Written by Peter Sherer. At Re:Build Optimation, one of our corporate initiatives is to seek out and support clients who are interested in either maintaining or relocating their manufacturing assets to the U.S., rather than sending their product-building work offshore to other, lower-cost labor markets. While this is an admirable goal, sometimes the actual achievement… Continue Reading
  • What Are Hydrogen Separation Membranes? - Hydrogen separation involves separating molecules of hydrogen from a stream of mixed gasses, resulting in a stream of purified hydrogen gas. One example of an application for hydrogen separation would be processing the synthesis gas of coal, natural gas, and biomass. The process is a beneficial technique for helping ultimately create clean energy, and various… Continue Reading
  • Manufacturing Trends in 2024 – It’s All About Reshoring - Written by Bill Pollock, Director of Strategic Relationships Nearly twenty years ago Thomas Freidman published his book The World is Flat. It was the Financial Times Business Book of the Year in 2005 and sold millions of copies. It is because of the gospel of global trade. In the book, Friedman laid out the basis… Continue Reading
  • Smart Bullets, Precision, and Defense Manufacturing - Introduction Key Elements in Defense Manufacturing Building the Machines that Make the Machines Unpacking the Smart Bullet Project Strategic Partnership: QA & Incoming Component Standards One of our Favorite Projects No Job Too Small Conclusion   INTRODUCTION In this blog, we cover a lot of industries, but a large vertical that we have yet to… Continue Reading
  • The Basics of Piping Design - Optimation Technology provides expert design and engineering consulting services to optimize our clients’ processes and address their complex equipment issues. We will work closely with you from concept through implementation to thoroughly understand your needs and turn your designs into reality. As part of our capabilities, we offer quality piping design services to ensure safe… Continue Reading
  • Fido’s Made in America Holiday: A Buying Guide for the Family Canine - This holiday season, Re:Build Optimation’s team is shaking things up from talking tech to talking gifts… for our dogs! We love to give our furry friend the gift of joy all the while supporting America’s manufacturing. This year, Re:Build Optimation invites us to join a journey of purposeful gifting that not only delights our pets… Continue Reading
  • Holiday Magic, The Energy Drain, and Our Commitment to You - The Holiday Season, especially in Western cultures, has become synonymous with magic. To create this enchanting atmosphere, we decorate our homes, offices, and stores, and it's not unusual to see cars covered in twinkling lights. As a manufacturing company, we recognize that all these decorations, every festive meal, and even the boxes the ingredients are… Continue Reading
  • Pursuing Productivity in the Aftermath of COVID - Written by Peter Sherer, Technical Sales Representative for Re:Build Optimation. While it would appear as though the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, in the manufacturing world, the struggle to regain control of supply chains and return to pre-COVID delivery times and volumes is still very much an issue. For many companies that… Continue Reading
  • Automating 3600 Egg Per Minute Poultry Farm Manufacturing - Have you ever seen an automated giant egg farm? Imagine a bustling farm where everything is robot-operated, except for the chickens themselves. While the image of robot chickens might conjure a humorous mental picture, the reality is a bit more grounded – and impressive. 3600 eggs PER minute, a tremendous development in the poultry farm… Continue Reading
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