Services for the Film and Plastics Industry

Resin production involves materials science, engineering, and business and manufacturing process expertise. Optimation’s plastics process engineers work with customers, designers, materials and equipment suppliers, machine builders, operators, quality engineers, and business managers, among others to deliver effective resin manufacturing systems. Solutions many involve process development or improvement, research, and machinery design.

The Optimation team has a wide breadth of experience covering many facets of the film and plastics industry including food packaging through optical grade film manufacturing and coating, resin manufacturing and transport, wide-web conveyance and converting. We have process design experts and skilled trade professionals to develop, build and commission both prototype and production applications.

Industry SegmentsPlastics Extrusion

  • Optical Grade Film (examples: Car Windshields and Computer Screens)
  • Rigid, Blown and Foam Film Manufacturing and Converting
  • Plastic Bottle Manufacturing
  • Coating and finishing of web-based film and paper applications
  • Coextrusions

Example Application Expertise

  • Multi-zone coordination for web tension control and conveyance
  • Flexible web steering methods and equipment
  • Resin pellet and powder handling, including drying, conveying, screening, batch weigh out
  • Web tempering and tension control for MD and TD orientation with minimal thickness variability and consistent orientation
  • Web-based product roll winding methods, process settings
  • Precision control of product parameters, including planarity, shrinkage, DSC temperature / crystallinity and optical density
  • Film edge knurling
  • In-line product imperfection scanning and defect recordkeeping

Converting and FinishingProduct Roll Winding

Optimation provides engineering, design, fabrication and installation services for converting and finishing of products. We engineer the correct combination of converting required for your product profile, with a process optimized to meet your production requirements.

  • Slitting
  • Chopping
  • Die Cutting
  • Coating
  • Drying
  • Laminating
  • Packaging
  • Glue and Adhesives
  • Overwrap
  • Folding

Web Handling Consulting

Optimation can help identify the root cause of common web defects and nip related defects, providing machine assessment services and recommendations for improvement on your line.

Web Handling Training

Optimation’s web handling workshops provide students with a unique hands-on experience, preparing them to solve web and conveyance problems that occur on their own lines. Our workshops have two dimensions: a classroom seminar explains the engineering principles behind each web process; a live lab demonstration proves the methods used to solve the common issues that arise in the field. Our workshops are designed for engineers and technicians at all levels. Each workshop addresses a unique web handling problem or principle.

For NYS Professional Engineers: Note that New York State professional development hour (PDH) credits can be earned by licensed Professional Engineers by taking our classes. These credits can be used to satisfy continuing education requirements for attendees to maintain their NYS Professional Engineering registration status. A student will receive 23 PDH credits for a three day class and 16 PDH credits for a two day class. If this is desired, let us know when you register.

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