Chemical Industry Services

Chemical Industry Services

We deliver solutions to companies serving all aspects of the chemical industry, from research, development and production of industrial chemicals, to employing these chemicals in the manufacture of finished product such as plastic, film, petroleum refining, and pulp and paper. Our experience is in both liquids and solids handling. Our team can provide process design and build for pilot lines, production facilities, utilities, services and support systems, as well as automation and software integration services.

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • Process Engineering and Design
  • Project Management
  • Automation and Controls Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Fabrication and AssemblyChemical Process Piping

Batch Chemical Process

Batch process is more than recipe management; it requires extensive process knowledge and expertise plus an understanding of chemistry and chemical interactions to ensure product quality and repeatability. Optimation’s batch experts draw on decades of experience in process engineering, applying prior art and tested methods to solving new and current.

Our chemical batch process experts will work with you to determine your particular process design parameters and constraints, seamlessly integrating the new design with your existing production process. Our goal is to solve your specific problem, and we invite you to work with us for process analysis that is aimed at revealing improvements and equipment upgrades for more profitability.

Grow your business by collaborating with our team to scale up your existing processes to add capacity, driving down utilities and maintenance costs to improve efficiency and profitability.

Delivery and Recovery Systems

Optimation has a proven record of designing and building chemical delivery and recovery systems for a wide variety of industries, from solvent recovery for a reactor at a plastics manufacturing plant to batch dispersion delivery systems for film production.

  • Batch fluid delivery system comprising pumps, micro filtration, Chemical Batch Make Skidcontrol valves and instrumentation for thin film photoconductor lines.
  • Cellulose triacetate handling/manufacturing/filtration/delivery and solution making/delivery of liquid product to the casting operation at a machine for LCD sheet film.
  • Chemical prep and delivery system
  • Emulsion delivery system utilizing positive displacement pumps
  • Polyester recovery
  • Slurry recovery/Slurry Piping System Design
  • Solvent recovery, including acetate and methane
  • Trouble-shoot and design remediation for delivery problems of medium viscosity materials to bottle-filling lines.
  • Waste heat recovery for high energy usage facilities utilizing heat for recuperation and reclaim systems

Chemical Process Piping

  • Knowledge of piping materials selection for your chemistry
  • Selection of optimal pipe joining techniques
  • 3D rendering for pipe routing
  • Pipe specifications determined based on needed working pressures and flows
  • Ability to incorporate cleaning technologies (for example, CIP)
  • Incorporation of controls elements (valves, flow controls, pressure regulators, gauges, sensors) to match your process conditions
  • Sanitary considerations in pipe construction and components
  • Design for Manufacturability

Scale Up of Chemical ProcessesChemical Process Scale Up

We bridge the gap from your pilot process to scale-up and full manufacturing capability. Optimation will engineer, design, and build a full-scale process tailored to your requirements. This can involve a re-design of your process, or concepting an entirely new system, utilizing custom equipment and/or off-the-shelf components. We aren’t equipment suppliers; we engineer an optimized production process that meets your requirements. We specialize in development for first-of-a-kind production processes.

Chemical Skid Systems

Turnkey skid systems by Optimation … engineering, design, fabrication, installation, controls and maintenance of skid systems for any industry.

  • Batch make skids embody a variety of batch make needs, including component additions, mixing, temperature cycling, filtration, pumping/delivery, etc.
  • Clean in Place Skids (CIP Skids) are provided to clients who need cleaning solutions (for example, soaps, bleaches, biocides, etc.) to be mixed, treated (e.g. heated, pH balanced, filtered, etc.) and then delivered to the process at controlled flows and pressures to provide cleaning functionality.
  • Coating skids, a subset of dispensing skids, where solutions are treated and delivered to a coating operation. These types of skids may include very precise flow and pressure control, filtration, temperature control, filtration, de-aeration, etc.
  • Dispensing skids designed to pump solvents at controlled rates to batch or continuous chemical processes. Can include value added functions, like temperature control, filtration, etc.
  • Modularized chemical reactors
  • Bleach production and metering skids, designed to dilute, mix, treat, and deliver bleach to your process.
  • Liquid level monitoring and pumping skids/rack-mounted systems for hydrogen peroxide designed to seismic standards.
  • Fermentation vessels, distillation columns, evaporators and filtration systems are all process functions that can be skid mounted
  • Small batch light-sensitive chemical process skid


Our Partnership with Panavation

Panavation is a U.S.-based, chemistry-centered consulting firm with wet-lab capabilities. Their company has its own lab facilities and staffing, and also has access to world-class facilities at the Materials Department and California Nano-Science Institute on the campus of UC Santa Barbara.  Optimation has over 10 years of experience partnering with Panavation, developing, implementing and optimizing complex chemistry based operations.  Panavation also is extremely skilled at evaluating materials of construction for highly corrosive production applications.

Panavation provides a unique opportunity for Optimation to expand our capabilities for clients to utilize early on in projects.

Interested in working together?

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