Safety Services and Machine Guarding

Safety Services

Certified Safety Professional on staff

Our Corporate Safety Engineer, Jonathan A. Shaffer CSP, has helped several clients identify and work through challenging safety issues in the nuclear, manufacturing, shipyard, construction, and aerospace/defense industries. Jonathan also provides safety support and environmental health studies for military construction projects while serving part time as a commissioned Environmental Science and Industrial Hygiene Officer in the United States Army Reserve. Having a Safety Professional on staff who will support your project through work experience and technical knowledge improves the opportunity to get it done right, the first time, and without incident.

Safety is Success by Purpose

In addition to our Corporate Safety Engineer, we have a team of well trained and technically proficient Engineers and Skilled Trades personnel who proactively think and plan for safety. Our team provides feedback and details of how safety can be built into the services we provide. We start every project with a comprehensive health, safety and environment plan following the most current regulatory and consensus safety standards. Since we can provide safety services from concept to completion, there is no need to work with multiple entities for audits, assessments, and mitigations. We are one, cohesive team!

Safety PlanningSafety-Consulting-Services

The first step in building safety into a project and thereby mitigating risk is the health, safety and environment (HSE) plan. Our HSE plan covers all aspects of regulatory requirements including human factors and ergonomics. Ideally the HSE plan is to be developed during the project’s concept. The HSE plan is a living document, which means it will be reviewed, managed, implemented and updated throughout the project lifecycle.

Safety Services

  • Provide on-site comprehensive safety and health audits
  • Safety and health investigations
  • OSHA compliance and post inspection support
  • Risk assessments for prioritization of action
  • Conduct on-site safety and health training for multiple industries/topics
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of machine guards, control systems, interlocks, containment areas,
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of ventilation
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of noise reduction insulation
  • Professional Engineer services as required by regulation or consensus standard
  • Validation of internal assessments and mitigation techniques
  • Pre-qualification support for third-party brokers such as ISNetworld, Avetta, Browz and others


Machine Guarding

Custom Machine GuardingPoints of operation, hazardous noise, hazardous energy, and other recognizable hazards are required to be mitigated by OSHA, State Plans, and many other consensus standards. Machine hazards consistently rank in the top ten of most cited OSHA violations. Having safe machines in your facility improves operator confidence, productivity, and protects their well-being. It also prevents large direct and indirect costs associated with injuries and penalties.

For more information on OSHA machine guarding requirements, click here.

Machine Guarding Consultants – Our Process is Defined by Your Needs

Every industrial facility is susceptible to workplace accidents, especially related to machine safety and equipment safety. Protect your workers with machine guarding.

What to expect from a machine guarding consultation:

Safety Guarding

  • We visit your site to assess any hazards or hazardous activities that need to be safeguarded or otherwise mitigated.
  • Our team works with you to determine how operators interact with your machines.
  • We take measurements and watch your machinery or equipment in action.
  • We design a safeguarding concept which we review with you.
  • We install any necessary temporary guarding to allow you to safely keep your process running while we work on other permanent measures.
  • We fabricate and order any safeguards in our shop.
  • We install the new safeguards on your equipment or machinery.
  • All of this is completed using current applicable safety and health standards and specifications.
  • Your workers enjoy a safer work environment!

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